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  1. Hi All, I am in planning for H1B Extension stamping in Vancouver. My first H1B stamping also done at the same location will I be eligible for Dropbox? Does Vancouver have a dropbox option for second stamping? Please let me know if anyone came across this situation.
  2. Hi, Status changed to Issued Yesterday should receive it today
  3. Hi, My status changed yesterday and received an email with Tracking i should receive it today.
  4. Hi, when did you receive your passport after the interview? I completed my interview on Aug 1st still waiting for the passport.
  5. Hi Does any know many days it takes for getting the passport? My interview happened on Aug1st today is Aug 7th still it shows Administrative processing. can one tell me how many days it usually?
  6. Amer have you received your passport?
  7. Hi Friends, Don't worry about parking if you are reached consulate by 6:30 Am you can find parking on the street. If you want to be safe said then they have many cabs here. Just noted please don' care any belongings with you including handbag. For cell Phone they have lockers. Here are the questions that were asked during the interview. Good Morning What is your Role? What exactly you do? XYZ is your employer? Whats your pay? How long have you been working for this Client so you worked on OPT? What is your highest Degree? Specialization? Graduated from which school? How did you get this job? Congratulations your visa is approved please allow us 3-5 Business days and collect your documents in USPS location which you have mentioned while filing the document Note: Be confident answer for all the questions with a smiling face. Thanks to everyone on this site it helped me for preparation.
  8. vinay311

    vAncouver cAnADA Aug1 visA stAmping

    Hi, I am leaving Seattle on the same day.
  9. Hi, Is there anybody who will be going for H1B stamping in Vancouver? I am traveling on July 31st. if anyone has the same time frame we can get in touch.
  10. vinay311

    DS 160 not able to retrieve..

    Hi Gopal, can I get your contact information? Appreciate your response Regards, Vinay
  11. Hi, Is there anybody who will be going for H1B stamping in Vancouver? I am traveling on July 31st. if anyone has the same time frame we can get in touch
  12. vinay311

    H1b Stamping in Vancovur on 08/13/2018

  13. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ca/niv/information/niv_questions
  14. Hi, My H1B got approved in October 2017 later in March 2018 I transferred my H1B to a different employer in premium processing and got approved in the same month. Now can I go to Vancouver for my H1B visa stamping? Regards, Vinay