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    H1b to H4 to H1b

    1. Applied for H1B in 2013 April CAP and got he visa stamped with issue date : 14 -Mar-2014 and valid till 02-Sep-2016 and Got the renewal from 04-oct-2016 and valid till 31-jan-2018 Query My Spouse is in USA on a H1b visa. I want to travel to US on H4 based on my spouses H1b. if I want to work in the US can I find an employer and get my existing expired H1b from point 2 above (Transfer and Extension and Ammendment)filed or should i go through the cap as a fresh petetion ? During the entire tenure from 2014-till date i have stayed in the US for 22 months and im currently in India and Visa is expired In 31- Jan 2018