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  1. pbnb

    F1 Visa Out of Status and H4 EAD

    Yes that's a big mistake on my part and hence now I have to fix this and do it properly via process and hence need any help or anything similar situation if any one has faced in the recent past. Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. pbnb

    F1 Visa Out of Status and H4 EAD

    Thanks for the response, any idea on the lawyer fee range and also will it be an issue leaving the country and coming back on h4 in future?
  3. Hello, my wife has been a student on f1, we had to take a leave of absence from the Uni due to our child being 4 months old and us not being able to find any care. However due to the leave of absence, we found out recently that the I20 is terminated as we tried to get into another university. The I20 seemed to be terminated last fall 2017 and since then she has been home pretty much-taking care of the kid and not working (no unauthorized work). I have an approved i140 and currently in process for h1 bextension. ( premium processing) What should we do? Should i have my wife travel out of US and come back on stamped h4 ? or file for an reinstatement with the valid reasons for which we took leave of absence?