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    i797A - i94 validity gap in dates

    In that case in DS160 I need not mention overstay due to this? Wondering why they couldn't just start from the last due date. This creates lot of confusion especially with the recent environment of immigration.
  2. I applied for H4 extension with my H1B extension. My daughter's current i94 validity is till 12/28/2018 as her old passport was expiring on that day. We have new passport now. He H4 visa stamp is valid till 01/15/2019. My current H1 is valid till that date. My H1B and H4 extension was approved with i94 validity dates from 1/16/2019 to 6/15/2020. But my daughter also got the same validity dates instead of valid from 12/29/2018. So there will be a gap of 18 days between current i94 due date and new i94 start data. Should I be worried with this situation, if yes what options do I have?
  3. I have to file for H1B extension and also H4 concurrently. My H1B expires in Jan 2019. My daughter's passport expires on Dec 2018. So I got her passport renewed. The H4 extension form (i539) has sections which asks about the i94 details and i believe i have to mention the old passport details as its that passport on the i94 record. My question is where to mention new passport details? or should I put new passport details in the i94 details section (which doesn't seem correct).