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  1. You are a learned member of the forum, but I am surprised with your response. US green card requires you to maintain your residence in the US and does not ask about any other residency. In fact a citizen of any other country, India or UK have the right of permanent residence in their country of citizenship. Are you suggesting they too had to give up that right when they applied for their green cards? Even when you apply for US citizenship you can hold dual citizenship. They don't care what passport you use to travel to other countries, as long as you enter the US only with your US passport. The fact that I need a travel document to visit Canada indicates I have not maintained residency there. In fact I Have never gone back in 20 years . I understand the option to renounce Canadian residency, but only if that is absolutely required. Open to further discussion on this.
  2. Hi- I am a US Green card holder residing in the US for 20 years and going to apply for US Citizenship. I am also a Canadian permanent resident and need a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) stamped in my passport to visit Canada for a 5 day holiday. Will that Canadian stamp be problematic for me during the US citizenship interview? I am concerned what the officer may determine if they see the Canadian Residency new stamp in my passport, although I have been continuously residing in the US for past 20 years and have no intent on going back to Canada other than for short holidays. Please advise. Thanks.