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  1. Hi, Me and My wife got a Cheque for $1225 each which we paid as I485 govenment fees last week. It has our USCIS Case Id on it. When we call USCIS, they told us that your I485 case - Administrative processing closed on May 22nd, 2018 (Due to some error in application), so no more processing. We dont know what was the reason and we didnt get any letter for this. we asked for it. They will send it in 2 weeks time. I am on EAD and my lawyer is saying that we can refile your I485 before we gets the letter. Since i am not sure about my Immigration status. 1. Can we refile again I485 since we dont know the Reason for Admin closing? 2. What would be mine and my spouse current immigration status? Can we stay and refile along with EAD? My priority date is current from July 1st 2018. Please help me on this Thanks Murugan Muthu