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  1. Follow your own advice given to others.....

    Filing H1 transfer or application from multiple companies is a normal. Many do it for variety of reasons. At the end of the day, look for your personal best interest increasing the probability of having "H1 Transfer Successfully done". 

    Questions about validity of it's ethical aspect is moot considering the selfish interest supported by the legal system , and it's not a abuse in my opinion.

    If none or 1 get approved you know what you got to do and If both get approved, pick one and deal with the one whom you are going to deny. There could be "legal" burden if you signed any dotted line for liquidated damage and "legal fees" disclosure ( not the Petition fees, employers can't do that). 

    Got it?


  2. 10 hours ago, cap-gap said:

    as the employer is not following the rules to the dot in this case a clear answer can not be given..

    so just so you know, if they don’t revoke ur H1, you can file a claim in Sept 2020 that this employer owes you back wages from September 2018 onwards per the current regulations..

    "They also confirmed that they will notify the USCIS about the termination after 21st September."

    He is helping and you want him to take advantage?

    So strange