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  1. poojB

    B1 to H1-B visa

    " if I'm in USA on B1 visa and same or a different employer applies'" = Are you working on B1? this is already a redflag
  2. You may transfer H1 b, but as you signed contract he may hold you liable to pay for signed % and or agreed amount. You are stuck with that employer for 3 years. Better contcat some attorney to go over it.
  3. poojB

    H1B transfer before H1B is active

    NO , You need to work for employer 'B' (H1b holder, he owns H1 , not you ) starting 1st oct or later then only possible to transfer for new employer . 'A's attory must tell you it is n ot possible to transfer h1b in this manner.
  4. poojB

    H1B transfer - STEM OPT

    1. NO. You can not transfer this H1 as you must work for h1 holder before you can transfer to new employer 2. By Law he has to withdraw now or later , if he don't he needs to pay you as per LCA. 3. NO , next lottery is an option
  5. Problem arise only in one condition.... If you get laidoff and employer revokes your H1b and you you do not have new new approved visa.
  6. poojB

    H1B Visa posibillities during Covid19

    Next Visa lottery will be April 2021 with possible start date of Oct 2021.
  7. poojB

    Second H1B lottery date for FY 2021

    USCIS never give any indication they will have IInd lottery. July or anytime.
  8. poojB

    H-1B approval under Consular Processing

    1. Unless activated with same employer it can not transferred to new employer 2. Employer who have spent lot of money and time on this if gets hint he may cancel before activation and he can say goodbye to this h1,
  9. NO This is considered as fraud. Even if it is selected it will be revoked later for sure Read more, 2016 such approved cases even if they have changed employer now being revoked. Ask any attorney they will advice against this. No and Big NO
  10. Where does it says you have to apply for 485 when dates are current? You can ask employer you want to delay and have valid reason. No one can force you to apply for 485
  11. poojB

    F1 CPT to H1B

    When was your CPT? Dates? Are you doing day1 CPT on Iind masters?
  12. For Any trasnder 1. You should have worked for that employer 2. Should have pay slip from that employer (2-3 payslip) So even if you pay 10000 USD unless you work for that employer , USCIS will not trnafer it and will be denied. Even your previous employer knows this transfer will fail, DO NOT PAY Your day1 CPT is any way big red flag,
  13. poojB

    J2 EAD validity during the H4 transition.

    1. How long can I work for? The J-2 dependent may work until the end date indicated on the EAD card or until the J-1 principal visitor completes his or her program, ''whichever is earlier''. J-2 can apply to renew work authorization if the J-1 remains in status. If the J-1 extends their DS-2019, the J-2 must re-apply for work authorization following the extension. Key Word ''whichever is earlier''
  14. Contact competent lawyer in this situation
  15. poojB

    H1b Transfer after 60 day grace period

    gopalakrishnach He need help that is why he posted it here why comment if can not help.