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  1. anuamar123

    Wage level question

    Thanks Joe!
  2. anuamar123

    Wage level question

    Hello Guys, got a question on wage level. my extn was approved on 2016 and wage level was not a deal then. from 2017 wage levels got more importance. So mine was applied as level 1. If I go for stamping now, will that be a problem? what can be the best answer? Thanks
  3. anuamar123

    221g trend

    Hello guys. Been following this forum and looks like there are lot of 221G happening. Can we narrow this down? like no client letter causing this? or wage levels causing this? F1 -> H1 causing this? any H1->H1 guys encountered this issue? Seniors here, please help me out. Guys with 221G, you ve been given slips in spite of having all the documentation? For a person who has all the docs, does he need to rethink if to go for stamping ? Appreciate your response. TIA!
  4. anuamar123

    221g trend

    Thanks for the reply Shekar
  5. anuamar123

    Wage level question

    Hello Joe, thanks for the reply. Yes it will be what it is, I will not fabricate the answers. Adding to my question, when VO asks about the salary, should o talk about what is in the LCA or what I actually get? Thanks
  6. anuamar123

    Correction in DS 160

    hello rsreddy, usually if there is anything wrong on ds and we realize after submission, people usually are asked to fill out another DS and explain why this happened to VO. I ve read many such cases where people were asked to fill out another. Let others respond on this too. Are you going for stamping for the first time?