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  1. Hello! Need help and guidance with my situation.... I got Family based green card in 2003 through my uncle who sponsored my parents and me. I stayed in US for about a year and had to come back to India to complete my studies and other financial reasons. In 2007, i applied for tourist visa and travelled multiple times to US to visit my uncles family. i have now completed my studies and would like to return to US on resident visa. How do i reinstate my green card if it was abandoned? I had just applied I-90 form and they scheduled my biometric fingerprinting appointment but after reading through some forums i am confused on the process. can someone help and guide on what i should do? Also, how long does the process usually takes? Thanks in Advance!
  2. Stryker2018

    I-539 extension stay to Green card i-485?

    Thanks for the response! Does she need to withdraw I-539 extension of stay application prior to filling for green card? since she has been here for about 8 months already on visitor visa,would there be any chances of rejection because she stayed longer than authorized stay?
  3. Hello I am a US citizen and currently going through divorce proceedings in US..My mother has visitor visa valid for next 10 years but due to my current situation, i filed for her i-539 extension of stay for couple of months. Her authorized stay in US was over on june 4th... I haven’t recieved any response from USCIS on her extension. My two questions: 1. Will there be any problem during her re entry in US if she leaves in September and comes back to US in 6 months? 2. Can i apply for her Green card petition while her extension of stay (i-539) is still pending and she is currently overstayed ? Will there be any chances of rejection? i am trying to see which one will be the best option for her? Thanks in advance!