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  1. HI, My I94 expired on 06/01/2018, 6 years max out is on 07/28/2018, an extension was filed in PP for the 2 month stay until 07/28/2018, and this went in to RFE. Mean while my I140 is approved on 06/20/2018, my question is while my company is trying to respond to the RFE, can they file another extension based on the approved I140 while the other extension is in RFE to extend my stay here beyond 07/28/2018? Somebody please help in this regard. Thanks, Satheesh
  2. Hi, I am currently in H1B visa and my Current Visa Expired on 06/01/2018 and my visa max out date is 07/28/2018. An extension was filed on 05/25/2018 for the Extension of Status until 07/28/2018 but this extension got an RFE. Meanwhile my I140 petition was approved on 06/15/2018. I have a new born who is a few days old and so I am trying to see how I can approach this and extend my stay in the US for a few months. I have 3 scenarios, current extension petition approval, denial and ignoring/withdrawing the current RFE H1 petition. Approval Scenario: 1. If the RFE petition(filed for 07/28/2018) gets approved, we can file an timely extension for the next 3 years based on the approved I140 whih would give me the breathing time. Denial Scenario: 2. What if the Extension petition that is currently in RFE for the extension until 07/28/2018 gets declined? How can I extend my stay here with an approved I140? Ignoring/Withdrawing the current petition: 3. I am not sure if this is really an option but still, can we ignore/withdraw this petition in RFE(for 07/28/2018) and file a new extension petition based on I140? Also,I have time until 08/26/2018 to respond to this RFE but my maxout is 07/28/2018 so I am not sure if I can really wait until 08/26/2018 to respond. Can you please guide me here?