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  1. Attaching Screen print of question i need clarification. I filed a petitions for my sister but it rejected ( send back to me for more detail) it is not denied, or withdrawn.... not sure i need to select "YES" and provide detail as it application rejected ( 797 C notifice of action)
  2. Do i need to add detail on I 130 Form Part 5 about previous file I 797 C Rejection notice? Question: Part 5 - Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other Alien? If your Answer YES please provide detail. I filed I 130 for my sister 4 week ago. I received I 797 C Reject Notice because i didn't write beneficiary postal address. I corrected my mistake and sending back my new application with all detail. I never filed for I 130 for any other relative. Do i need to mention on PART 5 that I send my application and it was rejected due to address issue? Or PART 5 (this question) only apply to application which was Denied, withdraw or approved? Please clarify this question. Thank you!!