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  1. Prabhumanikandan

    B2 Visa For Step MOM

    Thank you. So I can Pay her trip as her Child right?
  2. Prabhumanikandan

    B2 Visa For Step MOM

    Thank you. She don't have much bank balance. She can get affidavit from Notary for the property. What will be the minimum monthly salary required if she wants to sponsor herself?
  3. Prabhumanikandan

    B2 Visa For Step MOM

    I posted incorrectly . I am applying for Tourist Visa. I have my step mom name in my passport and also in Legal heir certificate from Village office. Will that be sufficient to claim that she as my step mom and I can select my relationship as child in DS 160? Unfortunately I don't my step mom's marriage certificate
  4. Prabhumanikandan

    B2 Visa For Step MOM

    Thanks for your reply Younger Brother who is staying in India along with my Step mom' Brother's will be taking care Farming during absence. Just for 3 months and after that she will return to India. Since my father passed one year ago. I want to take her and show few places in US which will make her feel happy and spent quality time with me and my wife I want to make the case more strong. Appreciate your help on this
  5. Prabhumanikandan

    B2 Visa For Step MOM

    Hi, can you please help me in how to handle to the below situation? 1) I am apply Business Visa for my Step Mom. me and my step Mom has only 13 years of age difference. Can i select relationship as Child in her DS-160 because my Mom passed away and she raised me from when i am 3 years Old and i do have my step Mom's name in my Passport. 2) I lost my father last year. so i have to apply as Widow. will that be a an issue? 3) my Step Mom is taking take of our agriculture land because my father is no more. so i can select Agriculture as occupation. With employer as "self employed", start date of employer as date after my step mom's marriage. My mom along with my younger brother are living in India as a joint family with my step mom's brother and Sisters. Will that be considered as a strong Tie. Please provide your inputs to tackle my unique situation