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  1. Yes. I received my passport with Stamp on 25th August.
  2. mrav85 Yes, I did get an email from the consulate to submit the passport.
  3. Last Status date got updated to July 6th . But it is still in AP. Any Idea? Why the case getting updated in few days. Any one on the same boat?
  4. Status got updated to 2nd July and it is still in AP. Not sure what is happening with my case.
  5. Got an email to submit passport with 221g letter on 18th June 2018 after I sent them an email. Submitted the passport next day @chennai. 1st status update: 20th June (AP) 2nd Status update 25th June.(AP) I am still waiting for the status to change to Issue. Not sure how much more time it will take.
  6. user20189

    H1B Visa Interview with 221 g for DUI

    Hey, Sorry I did not read your message properly. For my case, the VO gave me a form at the time of interview which mentioned the hospital. I would recommend you should directly go to the Chennai Apollo hospital APHC block and do your tests(Call them and they will tell you everything). They will require passport and 221g only. So please go and do you medical checkup asap.
  7. Hi, Arrested on August 2017. Convicted to DWAI(traffic infraction) reduced from DWI(no accidents , no injury involved) on Jan 2018. Paid Fine, Attended 16hours of IDP classes. In short , completed everything before going for stamping. May 7th - Interview. VO asked for court documents and then asked me to wait for 10 mins. After that handed me the blue slip (221g) to go for Panel Physician @Chennai Apollo APHC. Did all the same day. Reports were sent to the consulate on 11th May 2018. CEAC website still shows the Case last updated as 7th May 2018. Today 18th June 2018 - I am still waiting for the email from the embassy. Question: What is the mode of communication the embassy uses to contact you? And how long does it take given that so many 221g are being issued recently? Anyone on the same boat please share your experience over here.
  8. user20189

    H1B Visa Interview with 221 g for DUI

    Hi, I had a DWAI in Aug 2017. I had gone through the Visa Interview on May 7th and got the panel physician 221g and passport was returned. Did it same day. The reports were sent on 11th May 2018. Still no update. Can you tell me which Consulate? I was interviewed at Chennai Consulate. I am also waiting for the update. Thanks.