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  1. Hi, I have my interview coming up soon. I am a little nervous although my lawyer says that it should be okay. The reason I am nervous is because my OPT expired in December 2006. I lost my job but I created a corporation and subcontracted with a consulting firm. Got a new job in Jan 2007. Another firm sponsored my H1B and I was legally working for them by August 2007. In June 2008, a visa number became available for me through my USC mother. I filed I485 but it got denied because of my mother could not show enough income. At the same time I got married to USC. We filed for i485 in Jan this year. This time we used lawyer to properly fill forms. However, I made one mistake when I filed G-325A in 2008. I put my job start date of Jan 2007 for my H1B company when it should have been August 2007. At the last interview, immigration officer didn't even looked at G325. I told this to my attorney. He told me to fill it out correctly this time. So on new G325, I put that I worked for consulting firm from Jan 2007 to August 2007. I asked attorney, if I should attach an explanation but he said no need to bring attention to it. He told me if they ask about it just say you had typo last time. Since I am married to USC, all my unauthorized employment should be forgiven and they probably won't even waste their time looking at it. I guess I am a paranoid type. I have a few concerns. First, what if they enter info from the new G325 in their computer and it alerts them about dates don't match. Second, most importantly, my lawyer told me to write consulting firm but technically I was working for my corporation which was hired by the consulting firm. I know it is a small technicality but again can this be considered fraud or should I tell them during interview exactly what the situation is. Last, I am afraid because of all this mismatch they might investigate deeper. If they investigate the consulting firm and they find out that I was not authorized to work can they sue me? Or can they get in trouble? Just nervous. Thank you for your comments