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  1. user1001

    Pending DV charge and apply H1B extension

    Great. Once again congrats and thanks. I can understand the relief and joy. Hoping to get similar outcome.
  2. user1001

    Pending DV charge and apply H1B extension

    Congrats! And thanks for coming back and posting here, very few folks do this, really appreciated! Was there any RFE? God bless all!
  3. user1001

    Tourist visa for spouse

  4. user1001

    Tourist visa for spouse

    Makes sense.
  5. user1001

    Tourist visa for spouse

    Makes sense. Only reason for thinking about tourist visa is that my employer will take almost 2 months to upgrade my H1B extention case to premium processing, following which if I get approval it will take anywhere between 15-30 days (in case of RFE) to get my new I94, following which will have to get consular processing in India for my wife's H4 stamping which take anywhere between 1-2 months. So looking at another 3-4 months before family can join me back in the US, so we were trying to explore the option of tourist visa.
  6. user1001

    Tourist visa for spouse

    I am on H1B in the US, my spouse was on H4 in the US. She has traveled overseas and I94 has expired. H1B extension is pending. Can my spouse get a tourist visa to visit me in the US? Or would this be a problem?
  7. user1001

    Pending DV charge and apply H1B extension

    Not yet, I am one of those who would come back and update the forum on having any update.
  8. I consulted 3 immigration lawyers, all 3 suggested the same. And none of these 3 were desi.
  9. I am a H1B professional, arrested and charged with DV 4th, no conviction, signed SOC with supervised probation, completed DV-MRT course, now on unsupervised probation, case will be dropped in another 12 months if no run into law. Will this cause any issues if I will try to immigrate to other countries on work visa like Canada, UK, Europe?
  10. H1B extension application does not ask question about arrests/charges unlike new H1B application/DS160, hencewe chose not to disclose, see any problem in that?
  11. Since H1B extension application does not ask question about arrests/charges unlike new H1B application/DS160, would it still be considered a lie or potential problem for extension?
  12. Upon advice of my immigration lawyer, I have not informed about this incidence to my employer and no documentation was provided regarding this while filing the H1B extension. Is that fine? Or would that cause any problem?
  13. @sam3215 : Thanks for responding. Following from the memo is causing lot of anxiety: "Criminal cases where an individual is charged with (or convicted of) a criminal offense, or committed acts that are chargeable as a criminal offense, even if the criminal conduct was not the basis for the denial or the ground of removability. USCIS will, where circumstances warrant, refer cases to ICE without issuing an NTA or adjudicating an immigration benefits." Following mentions H1B is exempted, but do not know which one takes precedence, following or above one: "USCIS will not implement the memorandum with respect to employment-based petitions at this time" If folks who have done H1B extension since Nov'18 can share their experiences, it will really help.
  14. Yeah, my bad, created post in wrong category in first instance, so posted same in correct category in second instance.