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  1. Pgus961

    H1b revoked after transfer

    Thanks JoeF
  2. Hi I'm in a similar situation. Please let me know the options your friend took to get out of this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Pgus961

    H1b revoked after transfer

    Thanks for the response. 1) If USCIS denies future amendments/extensions, will it be straight denial or will give any further notice for further documentation/ defending option. 2) We should wait for USCIS to come back on the current petition or need to do anything proactively? Thanks
  4. Pgus961

    H1b revoked after transfer

    Hi Please help on below scenario. 1) 2015 H1b cap petition approved with employer A 2) Jan 2016 entered US 3) Sep 2016 Amendment filed by employer for location and client change 4) In the process of Amendment petition review, In April 2017 USCIS issued a NOIR on the initial cap petition that is approved in 2015 with a reason of fraud/misrepresentation for which employer A responded with the required documentation. 5) Dec 2017 transferred H1b to employer B under cap exempt and started working for employer B 6) Apr 2018 USCIS revoked the actual petition approved in 2015. My question is 1) Is this current transferred petition still cap exempt. Will there be any issues in further amendments or extensions. 2) What are the options we have if its not cap exempt. Thanks in advance for all your input on this scenario.