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  1. pammu

    221g queries

    thank you so much Attorney_10 for your time and valuable response.. As I said this is my first time h1b and have never been to US before, so could not schedule an appointment with attorney and trying to know the options from various other sources Request you to just confirm me about my understanding from your reply If my wait is reaching an year or taking long time then I can go ahead and withdraw my petition at US consulate and try with another new employer. My present employer can file a subsequent petition exempt of cap since I have approved petition from USCIS which has been already counted for the cap thanks pammu
  2. pammu

    221g queries

    Hi All, I have few queries regarding this 221g.. request you all readers to share your thoughts on this.. please.. Mine is 1st time h1b and am caught in 221g admin process.. waiting since 6 months.. my doubts are Who can withdraw my petition? me or my employer? Are there any cases of admin processing taking more than an year? as it is said by consulate that 221g is valid for 1 year.. so can i expect some definite result within an year at least? Can my petitioner(employer) file a new petition exempt from cap and send me for consulate interview again when previous is still pending with 221g? If a new employer is ready to file a petition for me then can this petition struck in 221g be transferred to new employer as this is approved from USCIS? badly awaiting for all your valuable responses.. thanks pammu
  3. pammu


    I came across this thread in this forum where people have got approvals after long wait time of 6, 8, 10 months .. thot of mentioning here in case if people waiting for long time here have not seen it so that you can get some idea.. http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/3759-7-months-and-still-waiting/
  4. its EC, in house project.. nearing 4 months since I submitted all the documents.. but I have read cases in this forum of EC model being rejected as well.. really don't know wt to do and don't understand this INA 221g.. but hey I don't want to discourage any one.. as they say each one's case is different.. only thing now am expecting is some result from them so that at least I can plan for next. thanks Pammu
  5. pammu


    Hi Vijaisekar, Mine is blue 221g waiting for almost 4 months.. Any suggestions u have for me if they make me wait very long some thing like 6 - 8 months.. ?? coz I want some result from them.. n am not even getting that.. thanks Pammu
  6. Mine is Chennai blue 221g, Waiting for almost 4 months.. Only update I got is "Under Review" or "Administrative processing".. Is there any maximum limit for this wait? I saw a person waiting for about 7 months in previous posts.. Can any body please tell me what can I do? I need some result from the consulate.. thanks Pammu
  7. pammu


    Hi pranavi2008, Sorry again n as everyone say its unfortunate, wanted to know that if the consulate has mentioned the reason for sending it to kCC in the email.. ?? also how can u check with USCIS? either ur attorney or employer can do tat.. why an amended petition is required? is ur work location changed as to wt mentioned in LCA? if its sent to KCC for the reason of change of location still i doubt if amended petition can help.. if not then better to go for fresh petition .. if possible premium one.. not sure if withdrawal is required here or not for cases sent to KCC.. but this case sending back to KCC is not same as sending it to USCIS is wt i thot.. may be tats y u did not receive ur docs.. pls go through this http://www.******************** once kcc approves it can reaffirm to USCIS.. kcc does more detail checks on petitioner is wt i read.. also read that it wont take much time 15 - 20 days max either for affirmation or revocation.. readers correct me if am wrong.. bottom line is we have to wait which will make us sick..
  8. pammu


    Hi All, After going through this forum felt like sharing my experience.. I have been waiting for more than 3 months now since I submitted documents.. mine is blue 221g.. (but I don't think blue or green matters as both the contents are same..) EC model.. Same response I get from the consulate every time that its under review or administrative processing.. there is no use of mailing or calling.. its really frustrating.. Wanna know, is there any maximum worst case limit for this processing? Am expecting some kind of result from the consulate either positive or negative but am not even getting that.. What if they keep cases pending for years ?? there are options like inquiring through attorney (no guarantee of result), withdrawing the petition n file new one.. but I have heard that withdrawing the case creates bad impression for next time with new petition and chances are more of getting 221g again.. is it true? I found this below link where some body has given some analysis.. I see some % of people waiting for more than 6, 8 months. http://**********************/ Really don understand this administrative processing.. if possible pls post ur opinion about my concerns.. Vijaisekar, your posts are boosting hope.. thanks.. but I have started making up my mind n to be prepared for the any thing.. thanks Pammu