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  1. y husband is employed with emp1 in L1 and I work in L2 EAD. And his L1 is valid until Feb2019. He had filed petition for H1 through emp2 last year and it got approved this Feb (2018) after RFEs. We didnt know that it was submitted as CoS and was today told by emp2 that the change of status is done. Now, he is thinking of sticking back with emp1. 1) what is the best way to do it? 2) Should the current employer be informed on this? Or is just traveling to a foreign country and getting the port of entry with L1 B visa would be sufficient? 2) Is there any legal issue to have continued to work with emp1 after the change of status (though we were not aware of that nor did the emp2 explicitly mentioned it until today) 3) If he is already in H1, how long can I work? I have L2 EAD valid until Aug this year. 4)If he is asked to quit from emp1 if he tells them this, how long he has got to find a proj in the H1b? thanks in advance,
  2. Can we change the approved CoS H1b to consular processing after it is approved and it is valid? Can the employer file the ammendment now to change it? The H1b cos is approved and valid for the past couple of months but we never worked with the employer yet. Thanks. P.S - Currently he is with L1b with an employer and have this h1b Cos approved for the past 3 months but he is unaware that it was Cos and was with L1B.