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  1. kjm

    Automatic Visa Revalidation ( F1 to H1b)

    How was your experience at the the port of entry? Any suggestions for using AVR?
  2. Hi Experts, I have been facing an unfortunate scenario where my wife's original Labor Certificate is lost ( Perm filing date - 4th Jan 2018 ; Perm approval date - 18th May 2018) and her H1b is expiring on 3rd December 2018. Given that she has approx. 5 month of H1b left and now her employer can only file i140 in normal processing, what are her options? PS: I am on F1 (STEM OPT until May 2019)
  3. kjm

    Automatic Visa Revalidation ( F1 to H1b)

    @ajaykumar99599- Were you able to use AVR? I would possibly be in a similar situation in couple of months
  4. @RN Pakr - Were you able to successfully use AVR?