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  1. suman1698

    Indian Passport impounded

    india. but i am in usa
  2. suman1698

    Indian Passport impounded

    Hi My passport was impounded because there is a pending fake 498a case against me. I don't know what my future looks like. I cannot go back to India fearing that my passport will be taken away and I cannot comeback before my h1b expires. at the same time if I were to stay here and ignore the impound notice what are the consequences. can I still get h1b extensions? I am in no way trying to escape but I am waiting until I get a relief from high court or supreme court where I am challenging this. Please let me know what are my options.
  3. suman1698

    Visa stamp on impounded Indian passport

    does any one know the answer
  4. Hypothetically speaking if i have a visa stamp and the passport was revoked and was given a new passport. can i still use the visa stamp on my impounded/revoked passport to travel to USA?
  5. suman1698

    new h1b from india

    Hi, if my h1b is expired while i am in India can i apply for new h1b with approved i-140 ? i am past 6 years limit. i already 3 year extension based on i140. Thank you.
  6. suman1698

    498a ds160

    hi there is a 498a (criminal case) against me in India and pending arrest warrant against me, I am planning to go to mexico and get visa stamp and go to India. what should I put in the DS 160 form. it says if I was ever convicted or arrested. but I am not yet. so what should my answer be. and what other supporting documents should I take with me to visa interview to support my case.
  7. I need details to get an appointment for US Visa in mexico. i heard some about some guy who helps you make an appointment. near texas border. who can come and pick up and get you visa. does any one have any information on that? I need it urgent as i need to go to India. Please help
  8. suman1698

    Passport impound notice

    Hi i am on h1b and my wife and i are separated a while back and she is in India and filed 498a against me after almost 2 years now i recieved a show cause notice from Passport authority of India to reply in 7 days or my passport will be impounded. what are my options from US side. what can i show them to get my ducks in a row and go. how can i ask them for time. Thank you,