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    I am working in Company A with whom I got my H1 Approved for 2 years. I am worked in company B for past and they applied for I-140 (on August 2018) and got Approved in feb 2019 . Now for a client company which I am working with company A they said that the client wants to offer me the full-time position after 3 to 4 months Questions: Company B wants to transfer my H1 to their because if I-140 gets approved then they are saying I need to work on their payroll or else they may revoke my I-140, Is it true ? If I-140 gets approved with company B , without revoking it how many days they can keep without transferring my H1 ? Can I transfer to the company B with H1 receipt, is it good to transfer on receipt now-a-days? Please let me know , without revoking my I-140 how can I stay with company B My job roles will be different , when i-140 applied by company B the job role is software developer , if i transfer my H1 from comapany A to the company B then the job role will be different (Zendesk developer) ? will that affect i-140 approved one also ? Now, i am in a situation where i don't no what to do , please kindly reply to me . Thank you
  2. lathaS

    H1 B

    University of the cumberlands,KY
  3. lathaS

    H1 B

    University of the cumberlands,KY
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    H1 B

    My F1 Visa expires on March 2019 , My OPT expired on May 20th 2018 ,from May 7th 2018 I have joined University to maintain the status and I have a filed H1 B petition. My file was picked in the lottery & also Approved but I have not received a approved notice from USCIS yet.Am I eligible to work beyond May 20th or should I wait ? From the university already iam getting notification to register for 2nd sem courses, Can you please advice should I continue or can I stop attending the university. 1st sem started from- May 2018 to Aug 2018 2nd sem starts from- Sep 2018 to Dec 2018 Questions : Should I continue University to maintain CPT till Dec or else can I discontinue because my H1 B picked and approved? If I should attend the university, till when I should attend ?