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  1. Hello All, All my H1b approvals from 2015 had alien # mentioned in the Beneficiary section on 1-797 A notice of action. However, my recent H1-B approval notice is only having my name in beneficiary section but missing my Alien #. The I-129 application filed for this extension also had alien number mentioned along with copy of my approved I-140. Can you please let me know if it is going to be a problem if Alien # is missing in my recent H1b extension approval notice ? Thank you in Advance.
  2. DR777

    H1b Amendment Question

    Hello All, I currently have my H1b approved till Dec 2021 with employer A and client B. can you please let me know if an amendment needs to be filed if the middle vendor changes between employer and client ? There is no other change like Client location , job duties etc. only the middle vendor is changing. TIA
  3. Hello All I recently changed my employer and they filed for my H1B in premium processing on June 20th 2018. I received a email from my new employer that my H1b was approved and they have mailed my H1b Approval notice as well. My H1b approval notice has notice of approval date as June 25th 2018. However my case status was showing "Case Received" until yesterday but today strangely it got updated to "RFE notice was sent" and that it was sent on June 25th 2018. I am very confused now, I have the hard copy of my approval notice dated June 25th 2018 but USCIS online status is saying RFE was sent on June 25th. Can someone please let me know I should be worried about the online status or should I consider the approval copy as final ? Thank you !
  4. DR777

    H1B Amendment Withdrawal

    I have a valid H1b visa with expiration June 15th 2019. I changed my client in June 2017 and applied for an amendment, for which I got an RFE and my case was approved in Jan 2018 with validity until June 15th 2019. However, while my first amendment went into RFE another amendment was filed for the same client with hike and role change in Feb 2018. Later immediately in a week my second filed amendment was withdrawn ( Letter to withdraw my 2nd amendment was sent to USCIS ) Unfortunately without considering the withdrawal letter my attorney sent , uscis approved my 2nd amendment was well in Apr 2018 but with end date Dec 31st 2018. My attorney says that since withdrawal was sent before adjudication of second amendment we cannot consider the approval and says my first amendment which has validity till June 2019 should only be considered. Can any of you please let me know if we should consider the second amendment was withdrawn inspite of usics approving as we had sent the withdrawal letter before adjudication ? Thank you !