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  1. Veerucs

    H1B Transfer in RFE and i-94 Expired

    Consider if Employer B H1 transfer is approved in Premium with I-94 then I don't think there won't be any effect of Employer A's petition status. If Employer B's transfer approved with out I-94 then one need to go out of the Country get the stamping done. In Either case Employer A's petition must be active until the decision on B's petition is out. @Sai8 : How did you over come the situation in your case ?
  2. Veerucs

    H1-B Approved but H-4 Denied

    not 100% sure in your case but I had some what similar case , I had future dated approved I-797 with Employer A and my spouse also got h4 extension with the same date. After changing to employer B my family went to India they weren't able to come back until my Employer B's H1 is approved. In your case if your family goes to India they can just go for Stamping with your New I-797 copy. Not sure about staying in US with old Employer H4
  3. Looks like you may not get the I-94 as your I-94 is already expired on your new H1B transfer. But not sure talk to your attorney. you have 240 days time limit after your I-94 expired. you can stay in US until that time
  4. Did you get a chance to finish the stamping ? what's the out come of your stamping ??
  5. Veerucs

    h1b late application (I797 and I94 same date)

    Any updates on your case ??
  6. Veerucs

    original H1b expired and i94 expired, new h1 transfer filed

    I guess you will get the consular H1 approved , In which case you need to go for stamping. keep us posted with the out come on the transfer after the I-94 expired.
  7. Hi, Did anyone sent the approved I-140 Copy after initial 7th year extension is filed with USCIS ? Does USCIS accepts the additional documentation without being RFE issued ? Thanks in advance
  8. How did you handled your situation ? Did you filed extension before your maxout date ?
  9. Could you please share your experience , I am also in the same boat? Did you upgrade your transfer to Premium ? or you continued working without approval based on the approved I140 ? Did you filed new extension on top of the Pending transfer petition ? Thanks in Advance
  10. Could you please share your experience , I am also in the same boat . Did you get your extension approved only for 2 months ? Did you filed your 7th year extension ? Thanks In advance
  11. While working for Employer A filed PERM and due to H1 transfer issues I moved to Employer B. Employer A PERM is approved and he is ready to file I-140 what are the chances getting approval on I-140 when not Employed with Employer A ? I wanted to do it in Premium Processing.
  12. Do you have any update yet ?how long does it took get an update on 221g on H4
  13. Veerucs

    Refuse to give H1B Denial Notice

    at least get the denial reason in email from your employer. if there is any question on maintaining your status . It will be a problem
  14. Veerucs

    California Service Center I-129(H1B)

    This is the 3rd time they back dated processing times Since Aug2018...to avoid escalations from the people who are still waiting for the adjudication from USCIS from Feb 2018
  15. Veerucs

    H1B Transfer

    After you switch your employer , your old employer must revoke your H1 petition. I don't think that's an option for you once you switch your employer.
  16. Veerucs

    PERM Filing Timelines

    as per my knowledge there won't be any time slot to file PERM , search for the PERM process in google you should get the information. Some consulting firms will be doing as a group that's something to do with the Employer Policy
  17. Veerucs

    H1B Transfer

    Looks like your previous petition is still active .... If it has been revoked it will have a different description
  18. @Kapil - Can you please keep us posted how are the things worked for you after your visa interview?
  19. I don't think 240 days rule will not be applicable for transfer as long as your last i-94 is valid, beyond 240 days of your transfer filed.
  20. Veerucs

    H1B Transfer Time

    Vermont is far better California is 7-10 months wait time , currently it's showing Feb2018
  21. Veerucs

    H1B petition transfer case is nearing to 240 days

    yes it is, I had a transfer issue then I spoke to Murthy Attorney and I raised the same question about 240 days . She confirmed 240 days rule is only for extension. You can also call to USCIS customer support# to confirm.
  22. Veerucs

    petition transfer case is reaching to 240 days

    240 days limit will not applicable for transfer case
  23. Veerucs

    H1B petition transfer case is nearing to 240 days

    I am not an attorney but as far as I know 240 days grace period will not be applicable for transfer cases
  24. Veerucs

    H4 Appointment Scheduling

    try to call US Consular office help line number