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  1. Hi All, My wife is enrolled for a 1 year Course at a State University in USA to complete her bachelors, we had applied for H4 to F1 COS on December of 2017 at vermont, we havent got the approval for F1 yet, now she is about to graduate from her course, and we want to enroll her for a Masters course. I have the following questions 1. If we enroll for masters will she have to re apply her H4 to F1 COS, or updating the SEVIS will be enough, or what would be the ideal thing to do? 2. Her H4 visa had expired , my h1 is there till 2020, so should i apply for a h4 extension based on my h1? Thanks for your suggestions Nitin M
  2. Hi all, my h1b visa transfer got denied, but in the meantime my wife was undergoing a h4 to F1 visa conversion due to her college , she is yet to recieve a decision , if I have to go to another country , will she be able to stay back and complete her studies since she has a receipt number ? Thanks Nitin