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  1. My current L1B Visa is stamped till 14 Dec 2018, my company has applied for an amendment cum extension and it got approved till July 2020 and got new I-94 for the same date. If I travel outside of US this month and come back in August 2018,before my current stamped visa expiry, do I need to go for stamping? Do I have the option of coming back without stamping and apply for I-94 extension based on new extension approval? Will there be any chance of denial if I go for stamping based on the approved petition?
  2. Hi All, I have been working in US since May 2016. My L1B visa is stamped till December 2018 and my I-94 is valid till May 2019 (given at POE). In my I-129S my client location is mentioned place X. I have been working at location Y for the same client due to their internal org restructure. No changes in my role or job description. My company has filed amendment cum extension for this in November 2017. I got an RFE and submitted all the requested documents and still it is in decision pending status as of May 2018. I have the following queries. 1. I need to travel due to personal reasons, is it advisable to travel outside US since my Visa stamping and I-94 are still valid and I am working for the same company and client and only the client location change? Will there be any issue while coming back? 2. If the application is rejected, can I still stay until my current visa/I-94 expiry date or I need to travel immediately? Appreciate your help on this!