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  1. Thanks for reply. he is worried about employement letter from employer. The loophole in this MNC . If he goes back and get new offer from different employer then they will validate back-ground check but these MNC give fails to clear certificate. is it possible he can assuring from this MNC no compliance about verification for future employer ? he can get paid legally once he file complaint to DOL ? for his 4 month stay. Thanks.
  2. Hi , Need help for my friend who worked for indian company and they terminate him last april 25th. from that day onward no payment and no return ticket booked to fly india. when he ask for return ticket they are asking manager approval no solid answer. I believe he is staying here illegally. what are the action can be taken to employer and very difficult to manage and staying here for him. what legal action will help fly back to country get payment for stay here ? company is (start with C) three letter company. Head of HR know he is staying illegally and not responsive. how he can process legal action and how much will charge? he afraid about future letter and employment verification in india.
  3. Hi, I am currently working company B using Company A Approved-I-140 -PR-date #01/07/2012 long waiting years. I left company A then moved to Canada using PR and re-applied Company B using Approved I-140 and got new H1B until -01/2020. Current Company -B told that they will start Perm and I-140 within 6 months but now they yet to start and it may take another 10 months. my question is if i leave company B and can I use my exiting I-140 approved get H1B exn if i want join later to C ? or company need to file Perm and I-140 approval required. Company A- 140 approved 2013 and worked for company A for almost 5 years after approval. Kindly advice and Thanks for help in advance. Regards, Mohan656