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  1. Hi, I had an interview on 14th may for my B1/B2 visa. I was planning to go to the US for tourism purpose. I got a refusal letter 214(b) from the consulate. I don't know why I got rejected for the B1/B2 visa. I had all supporting documents with me like: My Bank Statement Employment Letter NOC Invitation Letter from my brother(He is working in New York, USA) Bank Statement of my brother bank account(for back up support) Copies of my brother's Passport and Visa(He has H1B visa) (Although consulate didn't ask for any documents.) The interview was started as follow: Que: Why are you going there? Ans: For tourism purpose. Que: Who will pay for this trip? Ans: I have sufficient bank balance. I will pay it myself. Que: How long will you stay there? Ans: For 14-15 days, I mean 2 weeks. Que: What do you do? Ans: I am a Software engineer. Que: Where are you working? Ans: XYZ company. Que: With whom are you going? Ans: Alone, my brother will pick me at New York. Que: What does your brother do? Ans: He is a Software Engineer at LinkedIn Corp. Que: How long have you been working? Ans: Around 3 years. (Although my exact total experience is 2 years and 4 months. In my current company I have gained 1 year and 2 months experience and in my previous company I had 1 year and 2 months experience. Should I have told her exact total experience?). After that, she started to type on her computer and gave me a refusal letter and said "sorry, you are not qualified. Your visa application has been rejected". I asked her the reason. She said, " it is written in the paper (214(b) which she had given to me) ". I didn't get the time to show her my documents which could convince her. Before saying anything she called next candidate. Here I am attaching the 214(b) refusal letter. Please let me know, why I was rejected? How soon should I reapply for the B1/B2 visa? Also, give me some tips. How should I have convinced the consulate?