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    DS 160 application issue

    I was working on completing DS 160 application for the H4 visa and was hoping anyone could help with the below question in the application "Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. visa?" I was on H1B and my H1B visa is till 12/31/2018 and i have H1B stamped also but i got laid off , My last working was Feb 16th with my employer and i came to India on May 8 for getting H4 stamped. Could you please provide answers to my specific questions below Firstly, how do I respond to the above question (in blue), "Yes" vs "No" In my case, do i fall under the "unlawfully present" or "overstayed the amount of time" category or none? If I answer yes to question (in blue), how many days is she "unlawfully present" or "overstayed the status" ? Do I count it from Feb 16th or Apr 16th (Based on the 60 day grace period rule)? Lastly, is it okay to answer "yes" and provide an explanation as to why we have overstayed. If yes, could you please provide some guidance on how i should write the explanation to avoid any risk in getting the H4 visa stamp. Also a side note that i did have some medical appointments during the course of last 2 weeks and last week as well which i needed to attend in the US. Your response is appreciated Thanks