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  1. I got my naturalization certificate in 2011 and am a US Citizen since (have a US Passport). But it seems that I’ve lost my original naturalization certificate. I have several paper copies of the now lost original certificate. 1. Do I need to apply for a replacement naturalization certificate? Is the original still needed now that I have a US Passport? 2. If I do apply for a replacement, are there any pitfalls that I need to avoid in the application process? Has anyone heard of rejections/denials for a replacement? If a replacement is denied (I can’t think why that would happen) is my US citizenship in jeopardy?
  2. Hi, My father holds a Green Card. He has no income and no assets. He lives with me (I am a USC). In a few months, he will be eligible to become a US Citizen. Once he becomes a USC, is he eligible for any Social Security benefits or SSI ? He has never worked in the USA. He is 78 yrs old.