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  1. Mitochondria

    H4 EAD to J1

    They only sponsor J 1 and I am waiting for EAD extension beyond aug 2018. Training is july 2018 to july 2019, thus really in phase where i have no time to process J 1 if i need one in case i don't get EAD extension.
  2. Mitochondria

    H4 EAD to J1

    Hi I am International Medical graduate in USA, I will be starting a fellowship on july 2018(for one year). I am currently on H4 EAD expires on Aug2018, i have applied for extension( 8 working days back) and waiting for approval. Fellowship program can sponsor J 1 visa if i need. My questions are 1. Should i start J 1 process as it takes at least 3 months to process. ( Program asking me to take call and will do when ever i ask them ) ? 2. Can i start J 1 file and does it affect me in any sense for EAD extension? 3. Once J 1 get approved is it my choice to use it or not ? 4. will there be a grace period or alternative to wait for EAD extension after current status expires( Aug2018) based on this H4 EAD visa and continue training ? 5. Can i start paperwork from India eg. SoN( statement of need) from Ministry of Health, New Delhi India without starting a application here ? ( or does Ministry of Health need any reference file number to issue SoN ?) to save the whole processing time. Please add any other points i should consider if i am not aware of. Thanks in advance!