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  1. @sss1199 Thank you! Please keep us posted. My petition is also getting ready and will be filed in a week time. I will post the update as well
  2. @sss1199 My friend - Any update on your case? I received my experience letters with detailed roles and responsibilities showing progressive experience. We are in the process of getting the expert opinion and educational evaluation done. I just wanted to check with you on your status
  3. I tried! Yes my employer would be filing a new petition with a fresh set of educational evaluation done. Unfortunately I do not have an option of H4 and hence I am out of status. Moreover, if the petition gets approved, should I travel back to India to get the stamping since I was out of status for the last one or two weeks with valid I 94.? I also checked with couple of attorneys and they were very confident of this case going through the next time if filed. Surfing through other forums to see if I could find a similar case and how it was handled. No luck yet. No one had an situation of petition being approved and then revoked.
  4. can you post us with an update on your case? I am sailing on the same boat and want to see if it went through and what mneeds to be done to make it through
  5. No! The evaluation was done current. But the supporting document for the evaluator was dated in the past. That caused the issue where USCIS asking the credibility of the document since its dated in the past and also the whereabouts the professor who did the evaluation.
  6. What was the reason for denial? Once it is denied, you are not supposed to be working or on their payroll anymore. You need to talk to an attorney immediately. !!!Not a legal advice!!!
  7. @VI001 I had the same issue where my APPROVED petition was revoked after a month stating Progressive experience, I have started to get my experience letters in detail from all my previous employers. I am B.SC Non-CS with 12 years of experience Regarding the date 2015, The professor did an evaluation and provided a certificate. To support the professor, the college dean provided a letter supporting professor and his profile that he is authorized to grant credits, etc. But the issue is the letter from Dean was dated in 2015 and USCIS raised questions on the professor existence, current role, etc.
  8. Thanks bro! My situation is so peculiar that the petition was approved and then revoked. :( When the Intent to revoke was sent, the attorney replied back with educational evaluation from a Professor. Later, they went ahead and revoked it stating one of the letter talking about the professor was dated 2015. I am getting the progressive experience letter for 11 years from my previous employers, where the HR officials will be signing them on company letterhead. Moreover, the educational evaluation will be done again. Hoping these should be fine to get this through. Though the petition was revoked, the status still shows RFE which is confusing. Please keep me posted with updates on your side
  9. @sss1199 Could you please let me know if you made any progress? My employer is going to submit a fresh application instead of appealing for the one already submitted. It would be really helpful if you could provide some pointers on what is happening in your case and how much possibility in getting it through. Thanks again!
  10. Hello Team, I was granted H1B in 2013. Since December 2013, I have been in US working on my H1. Recently I had a job change to a full time. I had my visa processed in premium and got it approved. Later a month, my attorney received a letter from USCIS for the intent to revoke the petition/approval questioning the educational evaluation and experience letters not being progressive. My attorney and the company working closely to get the issue sorted out by filing a new petition, but I would like to know, 1. how long I can stay in US with out status 2. If I appeal or file the petition, will I be able to continue staying here ? 3. What is he possibility of getting through this case 4. What other alternatives that I should look for to stay in US until the case is adjudicated? qualification: B.Sc Statistics experience: 11.5 years petition is with a full time employer having more han 25K associates around US.