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  1. Hi, I have signed the authorization to represent agreement with a Desi Consultancy "A". The terms are - "Prior to becoming our Consultant we do not expect exclusive relationships with the Companies/Clients we serve. However, in consideration of “Consultancy A” investment in locating suitable opportunities for you, we do expect that once we disclose to you the Company's/Client's identity (prior to submitting your resume) you grant “Consultancy A” the exclusive right to represent you at the Company for a period of 90 days from the date of submission. If you are submitted for multiple positions over a period of time the 90 days will be calculated from the date of last submission. If you are solicited to perform any services, or asked to hire directly, indirectly, subcontract, or refer another person to perform any services for the disclosed Company during a period of one year after “Consultancy A” presents your resume, you will notify “Consultancy A” and accept such a position only through “Consultancy A”. Should you choose to accept such an offer directly or indirectly (i.e, not through “Consultancy A”) you agree to pay 30% of the annual salary/income offered to you as a marketing fee to “Consultancy A” Once you have accepted our Terms and Conditions, we will give you the Company/Client information and submit your resume for feedback. This agreement is not an offer of employment and may in no way be construed as a future offer of employment" So "Consultancy A" submitted me to "Vendor B" who submitted me to "Client C". I want to work directly for "Vendor B" as "Consultancy A" is a liar and not giving the fare share to me as decided earlier. Will "Consultancy A" sue me or take legal action if they find out that i have taken the offer through "Vendor B"?? Please help