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  1. nufci

    H1 Stamping in Vancouver steps

    I just wrote that I live in Seattle and would like to check out Whistler and Vancouver. It was pretty easy. What you are saying implies you cannot get a visa without a DS 160. What would you do if you wanted to travel there? Create an itinerary and send it to them, you don't need to make any bookings.
  2. nufci

    221g in Vancouver

    No replies, but will post my final update just in case anyone else is in this situation. Status got updated on 5/16 - exactly 1 month after my interview. Issued on 5/17, expecting to pick passports and drive back home tomorrow.
  3. nufci

    221g in Vancouver

    19th business day today, still waiting. Anyone else in a similar situation?
  4. nufci

    221g in London Consulate

    I am in the same situation, but in Vancouver. It looks like 221Gs are mainly given for two reasons - missing documents or Technology Alert List. From what I have read, missing documents / employment verification cases are resolved relatively quickly (3 - 10 business days), but if the VO asked you about your field of study, and your field of study could be in the alert list, resolution could take 3 to 4 weeks. In terms of next course of action, there is nothing you can do, except be patient and sit tight.
  5. nufci

    H1 Stamping in Vancouver steps

    You can get a Canada tourist visa. You don't need an appointment for that.
  6. I've been here since the 16th, got 221G and waiting for processing to get done. are you guys currently in Vancouver?
  7. Any new 221Gs in 2018? I've been here since the 16th of April, would like to connect with others on the same boat and get a sense of current processing times.
  8. nufci

    221g in Vancouver

    Anyone currently in Vancouver waiting for 221G? I had my appointment on the 16th. Wondering what the current processing time is.