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  1. h1 extension denied with company A after i94 expiry h1 transfer already approved with i94 for company B - joining company B after 1 week gap from company A denial date due to joining date provided by company B starts after a week. can i start working with out travelling outside of the country
  2. Yes, "transfer" to B filed before the I94 from A expired. i also have one more question if my current employer A submits response to H1B RFE and if it gets denied. than also i would be able to join the company B or not ?
  3. H1 extension pending with RFE and i94 expired with current employer A, H1b transfer with employer B has approved with new i94, can I join new employer B or do I need to wait till H1 extension process gets completed with Employer A ?
  4. Checked with my prospect employer, USCIS had issue in california center, they advised to refile the petition, they re filed for all the 20 candidates
  5. just dropped a mail to employer who is transfering the h1 for case status update. even after 15 calendar days it has not updated, how long does it take for USCIS to update the case status in california service center?
  6. You can move back to your previous employer by traveling outside of US and present your previous employer petition, than they will issue a new I 94