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  1. Hi , I have the below traffic incidents . 1) received a speeding ticket in VA - 2016 August (2 Points and $180 penalty) . I paid off 2) Nov - 2017 Rear end collision in an intersection and its my fault as per police report . Visa Status - H1B valid until 2020 I am planning to avail dropbox facility in India in July 2018 and My Perm process have started . I just want to understand the impact of these in my stamping/GC process and shall i hire an attorney to get rid of these from my DL history . Please advise Thank You
  2. Thanks for the response. No iam not arrested . One other question .. 1) Is it possible to reopen the incidents at this point of time through attorney and get the points cleared from records . 2) I have accepted the fault of the collison but i want to defend against it. is it possible now to do it and repoen the claim Please advise .. Thank you