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  1. Indraneel Aich

    Validity of Dependent Travel

    Hi Team - Please help me to find answer for eligibility of Dependent Travel. 1. My dependents (H4) are currently in India and last stamped visa and I-94 on DHS site showing expiry of 08/05/2022. This stamping was done in 2020 January and later my employer found period was wrong and corrected my H1B to 01/19/2022. All though I have correct dates on my visa, dependents dates were not changed. 2. In 2021 end my employer applied recapture till 04/03/2022 and 3 years extension after that (Separate Applications) . H4s were included in recapture but not in extension as they were India that time. All the recapture and extension were approved. H4 recapture is approved till 04/03/2022 and I-94 in Approval notice showing 04/03/2022. Although for Dependents in I-94 DHS site it is still showing 08/05/2022. Now my dependents are planning to fly back May end with existing Visa. Is this advisable as I-94 expiry in DHS Site is 08/05/2022 and 04/03/2022 in last recapture approval. Note - My extension post 04/03/2022 is approved till 04/02/2025. Appreciate quick response on this.
  2. Indraneel Aich

    In correct extension approval start year between H1B and H4

    Hi @gopalakrishnach please help me in this regard - although 30 days passed we are not able to raise another Service request as site saying - I already have a service request raised. What to to do in this regards?
  3. Indraneel Aich

    In correct extension approval start year between H1B and H4

    Hi, My company does have expert attorney and they suggested to raise another SR to correct the I797. Is my stay llegal ?
  4. Hi, Hi, My H1B extension was filled on 09/18/2018 with an intended start date of employment 09/12/2018 in LCA. Both H1B and H4 extension were approved on 03/11/2019. My H1B expiry date was also 03/11/2019. Although both the approvals(H1B and H4) having same end date/year but starting year is different. H1b approval start date is - 09/18/2019 H4 approval start date is - 09/18/2018 Mind the difference of 1 year in between. Now as I raised Service Request via my employer in USCIS, they came with below reply - "Upon review of our records, we have determined that the effective validity dates you have been granted on your Form I-129 petition for Nonimmigrant worker, are without defect, as they reflect those requested by the petition prepare" This makes clueless both me and my employeer. We checked in petition start date was asked 09/12/2018 not 09/18/2019. Now my questions are 1.What does it mean from the response? 2.Is my current stay till 09/18/2019 is illegal as my previous expiry was 03/11/2019? 3. My previous I 94 was expiring on 06/21/2019. Can i stay beyond that as my extension is approved? What are my next step? A quick reply will be appreciated
  5. Indraneel Aich

    H1B Visa Stamp Drop Box Eligibility

    Hi, My dependents are having stamped H4 visa with expiry March-2019 with employer A. My dependents have not travelled yet to USA and in India. Now I have changed to employer B. My questions are Do my dependents need to stamp again? If yes, can they use drop box facility at same consulate?