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  1. I am currently on F1 got my H1 approval on June 2018. Got married on march 2018. My wife F2 visa got rejected twice on may 7th and June 22nd under 214B. I am planning to apply H4 interview for my wife on October 24th. When she go for the interview is it mandatory to carry my H1 paystub? I have my current paystubs but I will get my H1 paystub only on November 1st.
  2. Hi, First I would like to thank you all for having such a forum to help us all! I am currently on F1 visa (STEM OPT EXT Expires June 2019), I am working for xxx employer for past 1.5 years. My current employer applied for H1 Visa and it got approved (active from October 2018). My wife applied F2 visa on May 7th(My H1 was under process) and it got denied with 214b and she reappeared again on June 22nd (I got H1 Visa approval) it got denied and the Visa officer asked to reapply on H4. My question 1) Can my wife go for H4 visa interview anytime before October 2018 with my I797 approval? 2) If she has to apply H4 only after October 2019, can she go for the interview without my H1 B stamping.
  3. victorvimal

    F2 Visa Financial document

    Hi, I applied F2 Visa for my wife on May 7th, I have question regarding financial document. I got I20 for my wife from my university in which Under student Financials $17400 is mentioned as Living expense and $9000 is mentioned as Expenses of dependents(1). So total of $26400. Do they accept my paystubs to cover up the expenses of my wife and myself ? or do we need to provide some other funds from India? I can also show part of the amount in Bank statement (current balance). Please suggest me which would be the best way for financial document. I am working since November 2016, my stem opt end date is 14 June 2019.