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  1. I am working at Client location and have approved H1B. Now Client is planning to move his worksite from one building to another building with in 2 miles of radius. New Location comes under same Zip code of current location. My job responsibilities, title and work everything remain same. Do I need to go for any LCA update or H1B amendment ? If any amendment changes are not need then when i go for extension in the next year with the same client does any problem will occur?
  2. I did the H1B transfer from company A to B on July2016 for a Client C. From July 2016, I am working with Company B for same project and for same client C. Now I need to go for H1B extension. So while applying for H1B extension Does I need to mention same Job responsibilities what I had mentioned on July 2016 ? Can i add any additional job responsibilities along with old ones ?
  3. When I was with employer A, got the H1B extension approval from Nov 2015 to Nov 2018. At that time my wife was in India, she went for stamping and got 3 years valid visa till Nov 2018 on her passport. In March 2016 she came to US. After that, in July 2016 I changed the employer from A to B and we both got (H1B and H4) approval petitions till Nov 2018 with employer B. Now last month my wife traveled to India and coming in May 2018. Now my question is.. As my wife having valid visa on her passport ( the one she got when i was with employer A) Does she can travel with that visa (OR) does she needs to go for stamping with current employer B Petition ?