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  1. Nobody here can help you. Make sure you work with the immigration attorneys before taking any kind of a deal from your criminal attorneys. Your case seems like something that a competent attorney will get dismissed in a few minutes...but that's my opinion based on what you told me. Cops just don't go arrest people just because neighbours said so. But this is 2020, anything is possible. 

  2. 21 hours ago, karmakarma said:

    Im out of options . 6 years expired ūüėě


    Is it THAT easy for a firm in the US  ? to just get away with blatant fraud ?

    Yes but its not specific to USA, if somebody wants to forge papers, one can do anywhere. Its all about getting caught and what happens if someone gets caught. In some countries, one can bribe their way out even if one gets caught.

  3. A few options to think of:

    1- See if you can work from home or have flexible work hours. May need new LCA/H1b amendment.

    2- See if you can move to home country and work from there or take a break from there.


    Not a bad idea to have your plans go through an immigration attorney. 

  4. You can only have one status. You are either working on H4 Ead or on H1b , so which one is it ?  Moreover you cant choose to work on H4 ead one day and then the next day to work on H1b. Your status (H4 or H1b ) is dictated by your i94. 

    20 hours ago, Bhandana said:

    I am on H4 EAD now valid till 2022.

    That means you are on H4 and H1b is not valid. Your H1b employer quite probably asked USCIS to withdraw the application as per H1b law.

  5. IF you are inside US, US immigration and labour laws are applied to you. In other words , you cannot work in US and get paid in ur Indian bank account or us bank account without work authorization from USCIS. You should get your ideas through an accountant/immigration attorney.

  6. FYI, X & Y may work pretty well in maths , however, on forums they simply confuse people.

    Now getting back to your question, if the dependant is in H4 status with a valid i94 till April 2021, then they should send back the i94 to uscis. Assuming the i94 or H4 status is only valid till March 2020, they would have to get H4 extended to april 2021 first(form i539), before asking uscis to extend ead.

    In other words, H4 ead will only be extended until current valid F4 status which is governed by i94 and not H1b petition expiry. 

  7. 21 hours ago, gopalakrishnach said:

    Check this out.. If you apply for a new nonimmigrant visa you cannot take advantage of automatic revalidation.


    If feel once you attend H1B interview even though you have expired or valid visa you cannot enter back into USA on 221G.

    I may be wrong. Please confirm with others.

    OP is not planning to use AVR. OP wants to make use of existing visa which usually gets revoked when you appear for h1b renewal. OP, I suspect your existing visa is valid. They do not need to write anything on the passport or physically cancel the visa to revoke it, they can simply do it in the system. I would confirm with Toronto consulate before attempting to cross border because if you are denied entry by CBP based on expired visa then you have another thing to explain next time you apply for visa or entry at a cbp post.

  8. I am curious , why you did not fight the charge "properly"? If you plead guilty that means you did it period. IMHO I see very little merit in getting your new F1 approved. But that should not stop you from trying.

    For what you pleaded guity to, you would have to work with an immigration attorney to review your charge and disposition in depth. No one here can help you on that and neither should you accept any suggestion from anyone else.


  9. On 11/18/2019 at 10:44 PM, User099 said:

    I understand your frustration brother...but they keep asking the same question LOL.

    Most people in this world want magical answers to their problems. And I truly wish I could help them ūüėě

    We should have a sticky topic for most frequently asked questions. Who is up for contribution? I am up.

  10. On 11/18/2019 at 2:46 PM, npt said:

    @gopalakrishnachThanks for the response. Any guess as to why they would want to do administrative processing when all the relevant documents are already provided. i am curious as to what would have prompted for the Admin processing. 

    You could have asked that while the officer handed 221g slip over to you. If you want me to take a guess, I would say they want to verify you did not violate F1 status by using illegal CPT.