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  1. xTDx

    Applying for second f1 visa

    Simple: You write the truth !!
  2. OK , looks like some progress !!
  3. You seem to be maintaining status under F1. As COS was denied probably because you were out of country at the time of decision, you are good to go whenever you want for H1b stamping. No need to leave right away as long as you are maintaining F1 status. Your current stay is dictated by F1 rules and related i-120 expiry/grace period expiry.
  4. Keep us posted with your case updates.
  5. xTDx

    H1b cap 2020 premium processing

    Yes. All petitions are eligible for PP.
  6. You wouldn't know unless you might have heard it from a co-worker or in news. Just something to lookout for and jump ships asap. These RFE's are almost nonexistent where the position is FT and the employer is a well established organization.
  7. xTDx

    EAD process

    Google Search : https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/employment-authorization-certain-h-4-dependent-spouses Yes, primary application in H1b must have their i140 approved.
  8. They asked you to email the docs on FPU i.e fraud prevention unit email address. I think DOS or consulate want to verify the petition/employer or other details about the job. As soon as those verifications are done, they should issue you a visa. FPU cases unfortunately takes a lot of time depending on what they are tying to verify. Only thing you can do is to enjoy your stay at home and wait, Make sure you let your employer know and anyone else in the chain to be aware of your case so that they do not miss any verification request mails from department of state. Some of the questions to think: Is it a desi consultancy with multiple layers in between ? Any fraud petitions filed by your employer in the past or your employer being a wilful violator ?? Expect delays and have a backup plan.
  9. Extension os status is the extension of i94. As long as USCIS sends you a receipt number with the application received date before i94 expiry, your i94 extension will be approved along with h1b extension on its merit. All these confusions and uncertainties can be avoided if the employer can file a few months in advance and not wait for the last day.
  10. xTDx

    Consular approval for H1B extension

    1. You would need to understand why the extension of status i.e EOS not approved. If USCIS did not approve the EOS because of you not maintaining the status then you may be out of status already. You need to work with your employer and their attorneys to analyse the official approval notice or any other documentation sent by USCIS against this extension case. 2. Generally visa stamp can be done from CA or MX. Home country is suggested. You can get your visa application filed before petition start date.
  11. As suggested above, Her h4 depends on your H1b and her Ds160. If you have a valid reason to stay in USA under h1b , she will be granted h4 on merit. Your DUI will not concern her. For DUI alone, your visa stamp process may take more time for a decision but should be approved eventually. As you can see, it all depends and there is no magical answer here.
  12. xTDx

    Layoff on H1B

    1- He may be right on this one. Working full time everyday from home without it being listed on LCA will be a violation in my opinion. 2- Attorney seems incorrect. If you have a valid visa stamp under h1b classification and an approved i797 with a valid job, you do not need a new stamp until the current one expires. Is this an attorney or your manager that is making such statements ? 3- Should not be a problem. However, travel should be avoided while h1b is in amendment.
  13. xTDx

    Stem Extension Denied

    Grace period starts from the date of denial.
  14. xTDx

    H1 Transfer with Receipt Number

    Unfortunately no one can give you a piece of mind or magical answers here. Choice and decision is yours. If I were you, I would not work on a receipt in current times. I would only change my decision if I had been laid off and was running out of time to maintain status. But thats me.
  15. xTDx

    Primary and Secondary work locations

    Yes, it will require LCA amendment in my opinion. Your work locations are in different states, obviously this warrants LCA to have all work locations listed.