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  1. xTDx

    H1B transfer...petition fedexed

    Quite probably you will not be granted extension of stay and H1b will be approved based on consular processing . You should leave country to be on a safer side and wait for the decision on new employers petition. Did you ask these questions to your new employers attorneys ? They are paid to do exactly this and should have informed you if you should leave country or not after reviewing your case in depth. Especially knowing that they wont be able to timely file the petition before i94 expiration . Remember that a FEDEX receipt has no value. USCIS has to give you a receipt number before you can "assume" continuity of your H1b lifeline .
  2. xTDx

    H1b Remote employee

    Risk depends on : 1- Do you have remote location listed on LCA. 2- Why does your employer need you in USA if you can work from anywhere. Full time remote work is seen shady and USCIS would have thrown a RFE at you if they would have seen only remote location in LCA. My suggestion would be to consult an attorney for in depth review of your case. Especially when we are seeing a lot of 221g delays for straightforward cases. Asking these questions and reviewing your paperwork with your employer and their attorneys would be a good start.
  3. xTDx

    B2 Sponsorship

    These is no such thing as sponsorship for visitor visas. They will have to prove their eligibility on their own and on merits.
  4. You most probably wont need them during H1b visa interview. But carry what you have and be ready for answering any questions regarding your education. Consulate will most probably ask your education documents in 2 cases: 1- They have doubts on your credentials. 2- They handed out a 221g based on your field of education like nuclear science or biomedical sciences etc (TAL - Technology Alert list).
  5. xTDx

    SOC code not matching job duties

    It is sometimes hard to follow but you have to stay out of it. Your employer and their attorneys should and will handle it. Remember this is not your petition, this is your employers petition on your behalf. Response to a RFE is time consuming and sensitive topic and only the attorneys and employer can decide on what is the right strategy for the petition.
  6. xTDx


    Once sevis is completed, your F1 visa is automatically over. If you leave USA, you would have to get a new stamp based on new sevis and enter back.
  7. xTDx

    Where to return I-94 on I-797 A?

    You can give it to airline personnel but they will throw it in a dump most probably(I have seen that). Your departure is electronically recorded against passport used. Today , you don't have to give it to anyone and just depart the country.
  8. xTDx

    B2 I94 - Passport and Online differ

    Looks like a mistake by CBP officer. Safe bet is to not to stay after the date listed online. Another way is to go to nearest CBP site and get it corrected.
  9. You have already been advised correctly . You are occurring overstay and are in violation of the immigration law. You must leave asap and wait for the mess to be sorted out by your attorneys and come back again with a valid visa.
  10. Yes, there is no such law that stops your new potential employer or end client to file an H1b petition on your behalf. Your current employer can file the extension as well. The petition will be dealt on its merits.
  11. xTDx

    Reappearing for B Visa within 3 months

    You voluntarily admitted that you will involve in "helping in the implementation" which the officer considered your intentions to have unauthorized employment in USA. Clearly the rejection was appropriate and all future visa request in same classifications will be influenced by this denial. 1- Very low in my opinion. Apply and find out. 2- Nobody knows yours or anyones chances of H1b or any other visa approvals. All cases will be dealt on their merits.
  12. The petition was not timely filed and hence she is overstaying and involved in unauthorized employment. i94 as D/S suggests she got her COS done probably from F1 type to H1b and did not travel after COS. She should leave USA asap and consult with immigration lawyers to get her immigration case reviewed in depth to avoid or lessen future inevitable issues.
  13. 1- No need to travel if you get a new i94 printed on i797 approval notice with future validity dates. 2- Same as 1. 3- Depends on if it is denied before or after your current i94 expiry date which seems to be Dec this year.
  14. Standard H1b , job , position and employer related questions. Standard documents about you , your future job and employer related documents if any.
  15. It can be filed anytime by any employer until your priority date is current.