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  1. xTDx

    In leiu of NTA

    If the extension is denied and your i-94 is expired at the time of denial, you may be sent NTA by uscis. It is of paramount importance that extension is filed well in advance as you can file 180 days before expiry or atleast filed in premium processing.
  2. xTDx

    H1 Visa Stamping - Canada

    If its same class of visa and same employer, usually it doesn't pose a problem. All cases are different with different merits and demerits. Canadian US consulate can very well deny you visa or do not even take your application in the first place if you are not a permanent resident of Canada. But in general there should not be any problem for same class of visas with same old employer with nothing significant changing in LCA.
  3. xTDx

    H1b Interview Question

    If home in city B is within 50 miles of work location, working from home occasionally wont pose a problem. However, you seem to be working from home all the time, if LCA does not specify work from home as a worksite, you may be in trouble if CO goes in depth and ask you such questions. I doubt he or she will have that much time to go through your application in the first place. Imagining a random uscis field officer's visit in your location X makes me think you will be in heap of trouble, Again, with limited info that you have provided, no one can help you much here beside giving you random facts. I would consult your employers attorneys first to start with.
  4. xTDx

    H1B Stamping and House In USA

    Yes, H1b is a non immigrant class of visa. However, you can show immigration intent on H1b and get success in visa application until you can become an immigrant or a permanent resident.
  5. Remember that you are asking guidance for your criminal matter over internet. You should immediately consult an immigration attorney who can go in depth with your case and work with your existing attorney. As suggested above, on paper the disturbing peace charge looks way better than the CIMT charge of insurance fraud. However, if consulate asks for police report and they see an admission of guilt to police officers or somewhere else, you may be in trouble. Avoid travel as much as you can until you know what you are doing, which I am sure you do not at this time. This seems to me as a complicated matter. As @Provence suggested, for your future visa application , you can state the facts and let the consulate officer decide. There are strategies to what to mention on ds-160 to point officer to court documents instead of follow up questions like "did you do it ?". Your immigration attorney can suggest you that as well at a later stage. The best thing to learn from this forum at this point is to work this out with an immigration attorney and your existing criminal attorney.
  6. xTDx

    H1B 2019 approval wait time

    Since last 2 years, most applications are decided within 6 months. I have seen approvals and denials coming in for applications under normal processing as soon as June first week.
  7. As stated above, i-20 is issued by a SAVIS participating school for F-1 non immigration visa applicants. You do not need i-20 to study in USA. You need to be in valid status, which you are (H1b). Now as long as you fulfil requirements of H1b , you can study full time(If you can) or part time in any school of your choice and any programme of your choice. The school will verify your valid USA immigration status by asking a copy of your i-94 and 797 approval receipt.
  8. xTDx

    H1B Stamping with 2 Approved Petition

    What does your new employer lawyers say about this ? While possible to get a visa stamped using a future employer's petition, In my honest opinion you should use the current 797 approval notice for visa stamping. This is to avoid confusion and possible delays with the additional documentation requested by consulate in case of admin processing. They already have the new petition details in their system but you too have not joined the new employer yet.
  9. xTDx

    H1B Stamping and House In USA

    H1B is a dual intent visa where you can show an immigration intent by filing an immigration petition such as i-140. An immigration officer should not be asking you to prove strong home ties on H1B visa beside making a conversation with you for his curiosity. With your wife's h4-ead approved, I am assuming you have already intended to immigrate to USA with an approved i-140. Such questions would be baseless, would not be asked by the officer for decision making and should have no impact on your visa application.
  10. xTDx

    Visa Drop box Eligibility for H1 to H4

    From the ustraveldocs instructions there seems to be some confusion. See here: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp They seems to consider any H type visa from the same class. However, I think the bar for h4 and h1b are different and you should not be able to use dropbox facility if changing from h4 to h1b or vice versa. I may be wrong. I would call ustraveldocs and get the clarification. Another tip is to just go for h4 stamping and not to use the dropbox facility as most of the dropbox applications are called to appear in person anyway. Dropbox in that case will add extra week or so in the whole process.
  11. xTDx

    Travelling on 8 Year Old Visa

    1: Yes 2: Usually for visitors, there is no such thing as sponsorship. But should be ready to answers some of the POE officer's questions like: Where will you stay in USA ? Why visiting USA ? Who lives in USA ? How many days ? All you need is a valid Visa, some cash or money , a valid passport, a valid reason to visit USA as per the visa requirements and a reason to go back before that i-94 expires, you do not need anything. She can carry a copy of your valid i94 , however, no one should ask her any of your documents under a normal POE application. 3: If she did not violate her last visiter visa terms like overstayed beyond i-94, she doesn't need an old copy. POE officer would have all the details.
  12. xTDx

    RFE and Lost Job : Kindly Help

    For critical issues like this, please consult a qualified immigration attorney. 1: Yes 2: I am confused on this. If you have lost your job, and h1b amendment gets approved, will the employer hire you back or find a new location for you ? If it gets rejected you can work for older lca/location as you have a underlying petition valid until 2020 if that job is still available. 3: All you need is a indian passport or valid Indian visa or ability to get one if you have lost it or something. Try to get a direct flight to India assuming India is your home country. Airlines may not let you onboard a flight that goes through some of the european countries if you have an expired USA visa.
  13. xTDx

    Driving Ticket

    I do not know on what facts the Law Enforcement Officer(LEO) cited you for careless driving. However, from your side of the story, seems like the ticket can be fought in the court. "Is it worth it" would be your decision. LEO's have a lot of freeway in terms of what they can do and cite you on for non criminal traffic violations. And it is also true that they in some cases bet on you to not to fight in the court . Knowing you are out of state and to fight it in NJ court you would have to hire an attorney, he might have played that bet. This all should not matter for H1b petition...for now.
  14. What is your current status ? As JoeF@ said , your H1b will be gone and you would have to rely upon underlying status which I assume is F1/OPT and then try again with a new employer next year or move to cap exempt employer. If this happens, you should consult a qualified immigration attorney for your options.
  15. xTDx

    Does credit score affects H1B visa stamping

    Not sure if this is a sarcastic comment, however, it is highly illegal and comes under bank fraud. Credit Score on its own cannot be a factor for h1b petition but while applying for h1b visa you declare to not to be a public charge being a non immigrant applicant. DOS doesn't ask about your credit score on DS160 and I am not aware of them knowing it via countless systems and databases they have access to. I would not think about it anymore. Don't be worried about these things and try to pay up your debt.