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  1. N400 Online Filing - Question on Selective Service Came to US in 2001 on F1 (Student) Visa at the age of 24 years.... and didnt register for selective services and wasnt aware of it. Received Permanent Residence (GC) at the age 36.... Sorry Don't mean to pose a silly Q which might have already addressed.... but... N400 filing ONLINE is forcing to choose Yes or No to Qs Can the experts shed some light here in filing the application correctly... Question 1 below: Should I choose "Yes".... OR.... "No"... If I choose "YES" to Question 1 Above... Additional Questions are asked (popup) while filing the application online... screenshot below... Read some articles... but couldnt get any guidance on what should be my Answer to the Questions during filing ONLINE N400... Seeking guidance here... Appreciate your support.
  2. hi sp_0826 Can you please share the links / guidance on a) OCI b) Renunciation of Indian Passport - I am guessing you have done it by snail mail (one of them -like USPS or FedEX/UPS etc) Appreciate your help.
  3. Christmas2015

    N-400 interview cleared but Indian passport expired

    Papan Posted June 24, 2017 · Report post My daughter had exact similar situation. Just wait till you obtain your US passport after that send the expired Indian passport to the Indian consulate for renunciation of citizenship and cancellation. This is necessary, as in future if you want to apply for Indian visa or OCI, they will ask for the renunciation certificate. Also note, for renunciation it is not necessary to have a valid Indian passport. In the interim, you cannot travel abroad as Pontevecchio mentioned. Indian rule requires you to give up citizenship once you acquire foreign citizenship. So technically once you have taken the Oath of Allegiance, you cannot travel on an Indian passport, there are certain penalties imposed by India in this respect. Hello Papan - Can you please provide some clarity on your statement that "there are certain penalties imposed by India in this respect"... Are the penalties due to a) NOT keeping the Indian Passport current (without expiring) before the Oath of Allegiance/Naturalization.... OR.... b) Is the Penalty imposed...... because...someone didn't inform the Indian Passport Office about obtaining US Naturalization/US Passport.... and Later on... the same person applied for OCI and or Indian Visa ? Thank you for expertise, Time and support. Also....JoeF and or Pontevecchio... you folks want to give it a try to answer my Question ? Appreciate your knowledge/support.
  4. Hello Folks. My GC - 5 year Anniversary = SEPTEMBER/2018. Planning to apply N400 in JUNE/2018. My Passport issued by India, is expiring on DECEMBER/20/2018. 1 month Travel outside USA is planned in mid OCTOBER/2018 and Return back to USA in a month by NOVEMBER/15/2018. Q 1) Would the CBP at Port of Entry raise a concern that my Indian Passport is expiring in a month? and create some hassle ? Q 2) Would it be required for me to renew the Indian passport beyond DEC 2018 and keep my Indian Passport Current (without expiring), till I complete the Oath of Allegiance/Naturalization? Joe F ; Attorney_22 or any one with experience on this scenario... Any thoughts? Appreciate your expertise.