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  1. Callisto

    H1B : Annotation : Clearance received

    one of my friend had same situation like yours ..Had an Annotation "CLEARANCE Received" .He went for renewal stamping(went to Canada) later and heard from him that they tried asking lot of questions about his employer but later Approved it .
  2. Callisto

    Eligibility to take leave on H1B to stay in India

    one of my friend was out of country for 6 months(no remote work ,no pay) who went for family emergency and came back and continued to work with other client .His employer did not cancel his h1b. you should discuss with your employer and see if they can allow longer vacation as it is family emergency .
  3. Callisto

    H1B - DS160 - consulate info

    I have seen many dates open in Hyd Consulate for october and couple in Sept . Try to adjust your travel if possible based on these openings .
  4. Callisto

    H1B visa in Canada

    on the interview day they take your finger prints and right next to it you will see the VO counters .
  5. Callisto

    221G Yellow Slip in Calgary

    dont just vanish taking free advise here .Update the thread once 221g is cleared .
  6. Callisto

    221g Green Slip Toronto - No document asked

    what is your work related to can u give us some background?They will reachout to your email if they need any further details ,Until then you need to wait .May be 1-3 weeks is the usual wait period to Clear 221g .
  7. Better to go for stamping with petition having Longer duration of expiration dt so you don't have to worry about stamping again and again .If it's unavoidable trip then you should plan well with all documents .
  8. Did you get paid 50k during OPT ? Discuss with Company HR to make Salary correction as per LCA .
  9. have you heard Any positive Updates on your case ?
  10. Email the Consulate guys and see if they have any deadline to submit pp .
  11. 1.That's very Much Positive Sign to issue you Visa. 2. Read the email you received with Instructions again. They should have given you the timeline when to submit the pp . if it is < 30 days then you plan accordingly to arrive canada . Can u also Post the questions that were asked during Interview ?
  12. If it's just integrating Tools mention the same with all relevant Materials.This is standard Template they follow sometimes asking candidates to submit the docs for TAL cases . They will issue visa once their Investigation is complete based on the docs you provide them .
  13. you work for some startup based which builds AI Related products ?
  14. Callisto

    H1b Leave of Absence

    First discuss with your employer to see if they can allow you to go on Long leave . If yes then you don't need payroll as it is unpaid leave which your employer has approved. Make sure once you are back to US you have a project assigned and getting paid .
  15. Callisto

    H1B First time visa stamping in CANADA (F1 to H1)

    if issued 221g with canada visitng visa you can stay < 6months . If you intend to go canada for stamping , first get your visiting visa done and then block a visa date .Do you work in EC /EVC / EVVC ? .