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  1. Hi, my visa interview is on 15th and reaching there on the 13th around 1PM. Planning to share hotel with other folks attending visa stamping to share useful information
  2. aravi143

    Hyderabad Vs Vanocuver

    Thanks for the reply, I do see Canada Visa Slots opening up in Oct, Nov every 2,3 days. For now I have 10/15 date, most likely I am attending on this date.
  3. aravi143

    Hyderabad Vs Vanocuver

    I have had 2 H1 visa stampings in 2012 and 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. Both times I got approvals right away. After long time, now I am traveling and in need of visa again. As I heard lot of people going to Hyd these days and very few people to Vancouver. Any thoughts on current situation in either consulate? What consulate would you prefer and why? I greatly appreciate your reply.
  4. My EAD expires on Sept 14th 2018, I would like to file now, but my Attorney says you have to wait till May 17th. She says you can't file beyond 120 days of your expiration date. Is it true? Can someone help out please?