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  1. Provence

    No reply from uscis on mtr for denied h1b

    You don't deal with USCIS; your company, through it's attorney does. What is your current legal status in the US?
  2. Provence

    Prostitution arrest 2007

    If the attorneys' questionnaire asks to disclose arrests, you have to disclose them. There is no workaround the truth, irrespective of it's impact on visa or immigration matters.
  3. Provence

    US EMBA and Travel from Canada

    The School's wording makes it appear this is designed only for US residents.
  4. Provence

    Tourist visa for spouse

    You do realize a tourist visa is only for visiting, a short term thing?
  5. USCIS online updates are notoriously unreliable. Check with your employer/attorney; it is their job to deal with USCIS, not yours.
  6. Provence

    H1B extension Denied - Employer Transfer

    If nothing with another employer in the US works out, you could work in India. There is no law that says you HAVE to work in the US. The Indian economy appears to be robust enough to provide employment to its nationals.
  7. Provence

    B2 visa for parents rejected with 214 b

    You did not sponsor anyone for a B2 visa.
  8. Provence

    Can H4 travel when H1 transfer is having RFE ?

    Employer A should have revoked your H1 petition as soon as you left; that's the law. With that, the spouse cannot enter the US without an approved petition from Employer B.
  9. Provence

    US EMBA and Travel from Canada

    You expressed an interest in studying in the US. The L1 does not accomplish that. Check back with the school if they admit foreign students on a part-time EMBA
  10. Provence

    US EMBA and Travel from Canada

    Unlikely There's always a risk of denial of entry on a B1B2 visa. Do you have a pending approved i130 or i140?
  11. Provence

    H1B Transfer and Deallocation of Project

    The employer, through their Attorney, respond to RFEs and all other communications with USCIS. Have the employer explain the details to make you aware of your specific situation.
  12. Provence

    Stem Opt Application DV Issues

    With an arrest, a guilty plea, and a revoked visa, you should exit the US. Reapply for an appropriate visa at a US consulate overseas, and let the CO decide your eligibility to be in the US. Domestic violence is a serious offence. Does your employer know about the arrest and charges?
  13. Provence

    F1 stamping questions

    Sounds like attempts at visa shopping with no real intent to study with the ambivalence between F1 or H4.
  14. Provence

    Can a J2 dependent invite parents to visit?

    @pyridot I think Noah above just about covered along the lines I was going to respond with. There are quite a few countries where invitations are required for a visit visa, UK I believe being one of them. The US, is NOT one of them. COs are not required to look at any supporting documents; they adjudicate primarily based on the ds160 and interview. A majority of b2 applicants do have genuine intent to visit and return, but COs are not mind readers and view all applicants as intending immigrants until proven otherwise. That is by Congressionally-mandated US law. Of course you're free to send any number of documents as you wish. FedEx won't mind your business. And fyi, travelling all the way to a new continent and visit must-see places is unlikely to be accomplished in a month or two.
  15. Provence

    In-laws visiting for 15 days

    Sponsorship is not a term used in conjunction with a US b2 visa. The specific question on the ds160 is "person/entity paying for your trip". No documents needed, no documents required, no documents submitted. They apply, pay the fee, and appear at the interview. CO decides who, if any, qualify for a visa following the interview, which lasts a mere 2-3 minutes.
  16. I occasionally read online about random CBP checks in San Juan for flights to the US mainland. Doesn't happen much in American Samoa or USVI, but PR seems to be a different beast. What the heck are recent rules applied by recent govt? Rules have not changed, they're rightfully being enforced, as they should be.
  17. Provence

    Travel to Peru

    Jeez, what on earth is a USA commonwealth?
  18. Provence

    Immigration issue in usa

    It will take many more years, perhaps more than 10 years. A very long time before PD 2013 becomes current. You're in the F4 visa category, those who were applied for in 2005 are currently getting interviews.
  19. Provence

    Can a J2 dependent invite parents to visit?

    1.Nothing from the US is required, nothing. 2.Nothing from the US is looked at during the interview, nothing. Applicants are approved or denied on their own merit. If they're honest and confident of their ties to India, their odds are better.
  20. Your employer and their Attorney has to respond to an RFE (and everything else that deals with USCIS). Your job is in the job description, and dealing with an RFE is not one of them. Working in a field different than your education is a flag; the employer determines whether you're eligible despite the discrepancy.
  21. Provence

    H1B Renewal after Title Change

    The H1 is an employer's petition, and you go by the employer's directive, not the other way around. The employer decides your role, salary and designation, and determines if you qualify for that role, not the reverse. The employer and their Attorney make Extension filings. Leave it up to them, you have to stay out.
  22. Provence

    STEM OPT expiring soon, grace period?

    No one said anything about dependent status if eligible. My point was more of a cos of the type OP alluded to above that is usually suspect and is the go-to desperation move for numerous posters on many desi-centric forums that I see regularly.
  23. Provence

    H4 Visa Experience- March 2019

    Why was the wife's H1 rejected with an approved i140?
  24. Provence

    STEM OPT expiring soon, grace period?

    Change to a different status? OP is employed and mentioned going for an H1b to gain work status. If a petition is denied and 60 days from the end of OPT, s/he has no alternative but to leave the US rather than try shady cos scenarios just to stay in the US. Presumably s/he has work authorization in their home country once school is completed.
  25. Provence

    B2 (Visitor) visa for parents

    Nothing offensive about that type of question. Applicants can give a simple no/yes. You have to remember that many applicants lie or hide the truth to get a US visa esp B2 visa. Through word of mouth, I'm aware of numerous visitors who secretly work as neighborhood babysitters, tailors, food preparers.. and get paid cash while on a 5.5 month 'visit' to the US. Your parents may not have a grandchild but many, many other applicants aren't as truthful at the interview.