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  1. Provence

    Indian Citizen marrying to US Citizen

    Once married and registered, the USC begins the process by filing an i130 petition. Upon i130 approval, the petition is forwarded to the National Visa Center, and eventually an interview at a US embassy overseas. The entire process from filing to interview averages 12-14 months. Visits on a B2 are allowed; however with a USC spouse, there's a higher risk of denied entry. Preferable for the USC spouse to visit during the process.
  2. This goes to show the risk in H1Bs. Despite USC kids, non-immigrant visa attempts could always land in AP, POE issues, etc.
  3. You cannot force an employer to file. H1b is an employer's petition, the company decides what positions they have and which of those positions they hope to file an H1b for if a USC/LPR in unavailable.
  4. Hopefully @JoeF shares his expertise on this one
  5. Provence

    OPT - Planning to travel India, Advice needed.

    Wondering out loud why USCs/LPRs aren't available to work for 55k.
  6. Provence

    Lay off during H1B visa process

    OP could enlighten us further perhaps.. Interesting how folks magically get picked up in the h1b lottery. I've never had success playing the lottery in my State, but I digress..
  7. Cool. Were you asked to present any documents to the CO? Or interview questions only.
  8. Provence

    port of entry

    Any US airport, on any valid visa.
  9. Provence

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    Boy o boy.. how about sticking to visa-related topics; personal denigration doesn't add value to a discussion. Paranoia/old timers.. really? Every CO, not just the one posting here, has to balance the odds of a B2 applicant returning home; that's a requirement codified in US law. COs are human, they have to make a decision based on the ds160 and the interview. Last I checked, a B2 visa is for tourism, family visits, etc. Every foreign visitor to the US is welcome to spend money and sightsee; most do, and exit the US on time. But what about those who forget to return? A 6-week promise at an interview suddenly changes into a 6-month "visit" as soon as the visa is issued. One only needs to browse the B2 to COS/AOS threads on different forums. Sure, folks are welcome to travel to Singapore, or any welcoming nation. But why are there still huge NIV lines outside US embassies if Changi has tourists flooding in? Agreed, it's helpful to evolve as practical, but I don't see the US going by the way of dinosaurs anytime soon. I'm sure the OP isn't happy his thread got hijacked away from his discussion.
  10. Provence

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    I wasn't commenting on your post. Rather on OP's post seeking specific suggestions for the ds160. @Noah Lott I agree with the content of your posts, backed by experience; and while posts may come across as harsh, they are arguably facts without sugarcoating. A majority of the audience on this forum may not been quite as keen on that, I suppose.
  11. Provence

    H1B Denied , got 221G

    As posted above, you need to find out why the H1 was denied. So what made you suspicious of fraud within this company? Writing to 'them' won't help you, but any fraudulent employer should be reported.. for the good of others. Think of it this way.. if you were taken advantage of, there're likely many others in that same situation.
  12. Provence

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    An applicant is the only individual who knows their circumstances. It's unlikely strangers on a public forum could advise you on specifics. Fill out the ds160 to the best of your knowledge and have your folks reapply. Or, alternatively, as suggested earlier, your daughter and you look into traveling to your parents if their visa attempts aren't successful.
  13. Provence

    H1B Extension Denied - Options

    Why would you not apply for an H4 visa if spouse has an H1b? It's highly improbable for an otherwise h4-eligible spouse to obtain a B2.
  14. Similar situation, meaning your spouse interviewed for an H4 while not married? Why? I'd be surprised if OP received a waiver and a visa this quick after a misrep denial.. but he could chime in if otherwise.
  15. Surely there's more than one way to skin a cat.
  16. Lol (Indian parents are like any other the world over.. some Indian parents are controlling of a 29-yr old daughter, others allow more independence). Throw a boyfriend in the mix, and things change. You and the OP appear to share some similarities. Did you get the B2 you were applying for a year ago?
  17. A b2 visa can be used for medical treatment. They should be prepared to provide evidence of funds availability if asked to do so at POE. CBP looks out for visitors at risk of becoming a public charge to US taxpayers. Travelers medical insurance likely won't cover pre-existing conditions.
  18. Provence

    N-400 & 9 Traffic violations

    Beginning to look like a judgment call. I"d err on the side of.. Better to list em and not be an issue later, vs not list em and something comes back to bite you in the you know what. Irrespective of generic advice on a public forum, it'll be the USCIS officer's call whether to dig deeper into the collection of violations. On one hand, no DUIs is a good thing, but a rolling number of violations could (could) end up being an issue. It is what it is; any licensed driver has to face the consequence when they're party to a violation.
  19. Provence

    First time H1B stamping in Hyderabad

    My current employer will be company B in India right? correct This is a new opportunity which I am awaiting for. How to explain in the interview? Simple; explain by presenting whatever the facts are, which only you know.
  20. Provence

    Stay after H1 trasnfer denail

    The chances of employer B's appeal succeeding are slim to none since the RFE is related to specialty occupation; more often than not, appeals are ploys to buy time, and rarely succeed unless the denial was due to USCIS error. It looks like your H1b attempts were not successful. And as posted above, you have to leave the country. And no, there is no visa/status for looking for jobs.
  21. Provence

    Visit India while change of status to H4 is pending

    Yes, will be abandoned.
  22. Consulting an immigration attorney isn't going to add value in this scenario. They'll suggest the same as what's being discussed here. Obviously, OP needs to get married first, Once married, wife can apply for an H4 visa. The longer the wait between the wedding and application, the better. Barring a misrepresentation at AUH, I see no reason for denial if the H1b is from a reputable employer.