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  1. With an arrest, a guilty plea, and a revoked visa, you should exit the US.  Reapply for an appropriate visa at a US consulate overseas, and let the CO decide your eligibility to be in the US. Domestic violence is a serious offence. Does your employer know about the arrest and charges? 


    @pyridot I think Noah above just about covered along the lines I was going to respond with. 

    There are quite a few countries where invitations are required for a visit visa, UK I believe being one of them. The US, is NOT one of them. COs are not required to look at any supporting documents; they adjudicate primarily based on the ds160 and interview. A majority of b2 applicants do have genuine intent to visit and return, but COs are not mind readers and view all applicants as intending immigrants until proven otherwise. That is by Congressionally-mandated US law.

    Of course you're free to send any number of documents as you wish. FedEx won't mind your business. And fyi, travelling all the way to a new continent and visit must-see places is unlikely to be accomplished in a month or two. 

  3. Sponsorship is not a term used in conjunction with a US b2 visa. The specific question on the ds160 is "person/entity paying for your trip". 

    No documents needed, no documents required, no documents submitted. They apply, pay the fee, and appear at the interview. CO decides who, if any, qualify for a visa following the interview, which lasts a mere 2-3 minutes. 

  4. The H1 is an employer's petition, and you go by the employer's directive, not the other way around. The employer decides your role, salary and designation, and determines if you qualify for that role, not the reverse. The employer and their Attorney make Extension filings. Leave it up to them, you have to stay out. 

  5. 7 hours ago, prad0211 said:

    If the OP is eligible, moving to a dependent status wouldn't be a shady COS scenario. 

    No one said anything about dependent status if eligible. My point was more of a cos of the type OP alluded to above that is usually suspect and is the go-to desperation move for numerous posters on many desi-centric forums that I see regularly. 

  6. 1 hour ago, prad0211 said:

    If your H-1B petition is not selected in the lottery, you'll have 60 days from the end of your STEM OPT to either leave the country or change to a different status.

    Change to a different status? OP is employed and mentioned going for an H1b to gain work status. If a petition is denied and 60 days from the end of OPT, s/he has no alternative but to leave the US rather than try shady cos scenarios just to stay in the US. Presumably s/he has work authorization in their home country once school is completed. 

  7. 12 hours ago, NanSam said:

    @Noah Lott   

    what do you mean by "when was your child born?". Offending kinda question... 

    I am clearly stating that they are coming over for a vacation.  

    Thank you so much for replying back. 

    Nothing offensive about that type of question. Applicants can give a simple no/yes. You have to remember that many applicants lie or hide the truth to get a US visa esp B2 visa. Through word of mouth, I'm aware of numerous visitors who secretly work as neighborhood babysitters, tailors, food preparers.. and get paid cash while on a 5.5 month 'visit' to the US. Your parents may not have a grandchild but many, many other applicants aren't as truthful at the interview.