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  1. Provence

    Travel to Peru

    Jeez, what on earth is a USA commonwealth?
  2. Provence

    Immigration issue in usa

    It will take many more years, perhaps more than 10 years. A very long time before PD 2013 becomes current. You're in the F4 visa category, those who were applied for in 2005 are currently getting interviews.
  3. Provence

    Can a J2 dependent invite parents to visit?

    1.Nothing from the US is required, nothing. 2.Nothing from the US is looked at during the interview, nothing. Applicants are approved or denied on their own merit. If they're honest and confident of their ties to India, their odds are better.
  4. Your employer and their Attorney has to respond to an RFE (and everything else that deals with USCIS). Your job is in the job description, and dealing with an RFE is not one of them. Working in a field different than your education is a flag; the employer determines whether you're eligible despite the discrepancy.
  5. Provence

    H1B Renewal after Title Change

    The H1 is an employer's petition, and you go by the employer's directive, not the other way around. The employer decides your role, salary and designation, and determines if you qualify for that role, not the reverse. The employer and their Attorney make Extension filings. Leave it up to them, you have to stay out.
  6. Provence

    STEM OPT expiring soon, grace period?

    No one said anything about dependent status if eligible. My point was more of a cos of the type OP alluded to above that is usually suspect and is the go-to desperation move for numerous posters on many desi-centric forums that I see regularly.
  7. Provence

    H4 Visa Experience- March 2019

    Why was the wife's H1 rejected with an approved i140?
  8. Provence

    STEM OPT expiring soon, grace period?

    Change to a different status? OP is employed and mentioned going for an H1b to gain work status. If a petition is denied and 60 days from the end of OPT, s/he has no alternative but to leave the US rather than try shady cos scenarios just to stay in the US. Presumably s/he has work authorization in their home country once school is completed.
  9. Provence

    B2 (Visitor) visa for parents

    Nothing offensive about that type of question. Applicants can give a simple no/yes. You have to remember that many applicants lie or hide the truth to get a US visa esp B2 visa. Through word of mouth, I'm aware of numerous visitors who secretly work as neighborhood babysitters, tailors, food preparers.. and get paid cash while on a 5.5 month 'visit' to the US. Your parents may not have a grandchild but many, many other applicants aren't as truthful at the interview.
  10. Provence

    STEM OPT expiring soon, grace period?

    If you do not have work authorization past the date mentioned, you have to leave the US. You'd certainly remember one of the conditions of your F1 visa is a return to your home country once the studies and practicals are complete.
  11. Provence

    Travel to India without family

    India appears to be safe to travel to.
  12. What is the employer's Attorney's opinion on this? They'd be the ones filing any extn/amendment.
  13. Provence

    FICA tax liability while transitioning from F1 to H1B

    While finance professionals on this forum respond to the tax queries.. the Indian and Chinese nationals mentioned above are in business because they have a market. Remember the adage.. you get what you pay for. If an Indian H1b/F1 ends up going to these so-called temp office tax preparers who charge a fraction of what H&R block does, they shouldn't expect much professionalism to begin with. Folks in this strata want every service done on the cheap. Back to the topic!
  14. No job equals no route into the US. Perhaps a job in India where reports are the economy is strong and jobs available. Hyderabad appears to have a booming tech industry that could accommodate your skill set.
  15. Provence

    H1B still no answer and not even RFE

    Taking admission in school is only an option if you spend the many months it takes to get admitted to a reputable university, AND if you intend to study until a degree obtained. School is NOT an option just as a way to remain in the US. Do you know why there are such long USCIS processing times? In many ways due to the frivolous change of status attempts like the one you talk about. If the H1 is denied and the i94 expired, the US govt wants you to leave the country.
  16. Provence

    CPT Policy

    To be fair to Noah, the OP was somewhat vague, stating only U of M, Ann Arbor. Everyone thereafter assumes it is university of michigan, ann arbor. The vagueness, along with OP's interest in a CPT, was ripe for anyone to construe the school was something along the lines of a visa mill. And of course like a majority of threads on this forum, the original poster disappears after one post. Noah's other posts have been spot on.
  17. Provence

    H1B question

    Noah is usually to the point, but USCIS helplines are staffed by hourly wage contract employees who are known to provide occasionally unhelpful answers based on their mood that day. USCIS helpline is not derisively referred to as misinformation line for nothing.
  18. Provence

    CPT Policy

    A school as reputable as this should have a responsive DSO familiar with physical presence requirements. Suggest checking with that office.
  19. Agreed. But at it's core, H visas are non-immigrant that are liable to be revoked/cancelled at any time and the holder be subject to an exit from the US. Therefore, as I stated, non-immigrants are expected to maintain a primary residence outside the US.
  20. You're liable to be questioned on your failure to file ar11 when you were required to, not once but twice. A penalty is not something that's always enforced, but it is your responsibility as an immigrant to follow US laws! Have you updated USCIS on your current residence? If you haven't, you need to do so ASAP. Are you planning to file for naturalization under the 3-yr or 5-yr rule?
  21. Provence

    H1B Counselor Processing

    All applications go into admin processing of varying lengths. There could be a million reasons for any 221g. You have to do what you have to do, some things are beyond your control.
  22. What happened with the planned May 2019 trip?
  23. Provence


    You, as an employee do not respond to RFEs; the employer's attorney does. Check requirements with them.
  24. Provence

    H1 B amendment from analyst to manager

    The company Attorney should be familiar with SOC codes. Dealing with USCIS is their domain, employees stay out of the legal process.