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  1. Is your current intention to study from here on out?
  2. Provence

    H1B Cooling Period

    There is no "feel". Under the scenario, cooling off must be outside the US, period. H1Bs are short term visas, not to be used to stay as long as someone likes.
  3. Provence

    H4 RFE

    I'd take the paid attorneys' advice over that of a public forum; surely attorneys know what they're talking about. The RFE is moot once you leave the US to obtain a visa.
  4. Provence

    H4 Visa and Volunteering

    Unless you have an EAD associated with an H4, you cannot volunteer when similar positions are paid. That is a violation of the condition of the H4 visa.
  5. Provence

    Specialty occupation RFE, needs client letter??

    The company attorney responding to the RFE should know what to submit. RFE response is the company/attorney's domain, not an employee's.
  6. There were some decent suggestions to similar questions in your previous thread. Have you gone thru them? This seems to be more of a family law question than an immigration one. Do you not have an H4 visa? Alternatively have you looked into a B2 visa to visit your daughter?
  7. Requests for childcare, and in addition, requests for paid babysitting for friends/colleagues or cooking Indian food for local students or H1Bers. I've seen it all. All construed to be illegal work on a B visa.
  8. Provence

    F1 visa if spouse is already working on H1

    The US issues an F1 visa for intending students who wish to study in the US.
  9. Provence

    h1b extension RFE reply while location is shut off

    Dealing with H1Bs and RFEs is the employer's domain. Leave the RFE response to the company attorneys; they should be familiar with the law.
  10. The sister can start their petition any time. Why hasn't she started one yet? Parents must leave the US at the end of their visit on a B2 visa. Once they leave the US, they have to await GC processing in India, and interview in Mumbai. Overall that's a 12-14 month process from start to finish. Hope that's clear.
  11. Provence

    H4 approval document for a minor dependent

    This was a 4+ year old zombie thread dude
  12. It's rather straightforward.. provide whats been asked for. No one on a public forum knows what she did or where she visited. You can't give what you don't have, so provide what you have. What does a tourist need more than 6 months for? About time USCIS begins cracking down on frivolous extension requests.
  13. Report employer to DOL. Why work for such an employer? Did the company promise to file an H1b or sponsor a GC in the future as a condition of employment?
  14. Provence

    Kid Visa

    USCIS doesn't grant visas; State Dept does. Assuming the son is a minor, his parents apply for his visa by filling out the ds160 online. The application would then be adjudicated on merit.
  15. You seem to be abusing the system by moving and living in Canada while claiming H1b status. You have to be a US resident to be in valid H1b status. It's possible his visa/status might have been cancelled by CBP without any accompanying marks on the passport. Assuming your husband signed any document at POE, he might have a withdrawn entry that, if true, would now be a part of his record. Have you entered the US after this incident?
  16. Provence

    Travel on F2 after getting H1 Stamped

    My recommendation is to not play visa games, which appears to be your intent. You come across as just wanting a visa in your passport with no intent to work. Why? Get a visa when you are available to work!!!!!!! The US issues H1Bs to individuals to work on positions where no US employees are available to work. Don't misuse that privilege. Many consultancies are unethical and fraudulent. Is this a desi consultancy?
  17. Provence

    Receiving gift money

    Wish I had friends like this
  18. Provence

    H4 Dropbox or F1 Visa Interview

    The bolded above, in your own words, is your answer. By US law, F1 is for studying full time and not for earning money; any related paid work should be much later on.
  19. Provence

    EB5 by loan from Emloyer

    ..I heard after some petition now USCIS has allowed this.. What's your source? Where'd you hear that?
  20. Provence

    Visitor Visa extension

    Any extensions is risky; multiple extensions are not worth risking. Any denial means his visa is automatically cancelled. Is your mom not able to visit the US? Assuming the dad files an extension and you leave for Canada to work, any assistance by your dad would be construed as work, however unpaid, and thus a no no on a B2 visa.
  21. Provence

    B2 visa for my 10yr daughter

    Those bolded above don't match. And please stick to one thread, avoid duplicates http://forum.murthy.com/topic/121931-visitor-visa-for-my-10yr-daughter/
  22. Provence

    Pending DV charge and apply H1B extension

    That's one understanding gf..
  23. The consulate would get back to you once they've made a decision. All cases are independent and others timelines are rather moot.
  24. You cannot enter the US without a valid visa, period. You appear to have H1b status, changed from a previous student status, and not the visa foil in your passport. Assuming you're not a german citizen, you'd need a Schengen visa to enter germany, followed by acquiring a valid US visa to re-enter the US henceforth.