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  1. Provence

    H1 B Extension-Amendment RFE

    Your employer's attorney should be familiar with the process. Attorneys deal with legal stuff like filing petitions and responding to RFEs. Should be a similar set of attorneys who offered advise on LCA issues 3 years back.
  2. Provence

    Day-1 CPT Issue at hand

    I think JoeF was rightfully referring to the reputation of Day-1 CPT schools as shady. Getting into a decent public school.. to really study.. is a months-long process, but that's one alternative, or a safer bet could be to exit the US and try a bit of cooling off overseas. That many folks use such shady institutions as a desperate last-ditch way to remain in the US is an open secret.
  3. Provence

    H1B 2018 Cap inhouse and client

    No one here on a public forum knows your situation better than you, your employer, and company attorneys. They are the optimal folks to reach out to regarding the odds of approval and quality of their response to the RFE.
  4. Provence

    B2 Visit Frequency

    Depends.. what are their ties to home if they're spending THAT much time in the US?
  5. Provence

    B1/B2 visa with approved I140

    She'll face a skeptical CO suspicious the applicant will use any B2 entry to seek to cos to an H1b
  6. Provence

    H4 RFE

    Check with company lawyers that deal with H1b filings and RFEs. Dealing with RFEs is for attorneys, employees are not involved.
  7. Assuming they arrive after applying for a B1/b2 with intent to adjust status IS visa fraud.
  8. Duplicate threads with the exact same topic?
  9. Provence

    B1 visa status adjustment

    You can marry him anytime, anywhere.. that's your choice. Once you marry, exit the US (you should already have a return ticket) and have him petition you for a CR1 visa in your home country. Additionally, decide if you want an H1b or a CR1.
  10. Both options are visa fraud. You can petition them for a green card under Consular Processing today if you like. It's called an IR5 visa and takes about 12 months to process. They bypass having to apply for another b2.
  11. Provence

    Change of status B1/B2 to F2

    Having all the necessary documents suggests you entered the US with fraudulent intent to change status. Who carries documents as a visitor? Agree with the post above, exit the US and return with an F2 visa.
  12. Provence

    B1 visa to H1b visa

    Having entered the US on a B-visa, you should already have a return ticket. Suggest that you exit the US prior to i94 expiration and apply for an appropriate visa from your home country.
  13. Why did the attorneys miss the RFE response? It's part of their portfolio to address RFEs in a timely manner.
  14. RFEs have to be handled by company lawyers/Legal, not you. Lawyers deal with USCIS, not employees.
  15. In a majority of cases, employees ARE aware of fraudulent employers (or universities). As such, an institution indicated on charges of visa fraud would affect those associated with it. Such employees should be sent home packing.
  16. Provence

    H1B RFE on maintaining nonimmigrant status

    Company lawyers/Legal should be addressing RFEs, not you.
  17. Provence

    GC Processing : Advertisement/ Campaign

    Something company lawyers should be addressing, not you?
  18. Provence

    H4 221g Chennai Consulate

    Under such scenarios, applicants cannot do anything BUT wait. It's ONLY been 5 business days. And posting in different threads would not make the answers any different.
  19. Provence


    Visa annotations are there for a reason. And do not start more than one thread per topic. That's spamming.
  20. She will NOT qualify for SB-1 being out of the US for over 5 years. It doesn't sound like she had a re-entry permit. She has to be re-petitioned for an IR5 visa.
  21. They have. Abuse/misuse of the B2 visa / 5.5 month "visits" / frivolous extension requests.. are all under extensive scrutiny. Did we notice OP hasn't logged back online.
  22. Provence

    Reason for visit

    They have to mention the true purpose of their intended visit, regardless of it's effect on a visa application.
  23. Provence

    Day 1 CPT

    Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why such "students" are enrolled in such shady institutions. It's not entrapment when you have 129 arrests and 7 recruiters, primarily Telugu-speaking Indian nationals , and the only US organization coming out in support being the Telugu Association of North America. As JoeF noted, people know that these institutions are fraud.
  24. Provence

    Successful H1-B approval after RFE response

    Some decent advice in this thread. Check with your firm's attorneys; competent attorneys should know how to respond.
  25. Provence

    Can not track my case.

    on a 4-year old thread?