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  1. Provence

    What is right SOC for Product Manager

    Isn't this something your employer or their attorney should be versed in? Legal stuff is an attorney's domain.
  2. Provence

    H1b fulltime to part time

    What should you do? They asked you to submit previous two years' paystubs. The employer's attorney needs to do exactly that.. submit your paystubs in response to the RFE.
  3. Provence

    H1B to H4

    You do not chose a processing center "to get it faster". USCIS determines where to route petitions primarily based on their workload.
  4. Provence

    H4 to H1 transfer

    You can only do a job if you're approved for it. No authorization, no work! Of course you knew that when you came to the US from your country.
  5. You specifically state that they overstayed, why would you answer anything but Yes to that question?
  6. Provence

    F2 to H1b through Non Cap & COS

    The previous employer should have revoked the H1b petition as of Nov 2nd last year. Period. End of story! And why ask the same questions again and again and again? Did you not acknowledge responses on December 3? Jeez..
  7. Provence

    Last attempt in H1b masters CAP

    First, a PhD, and when that isn't encouraging enough, an MBA. But the common thread is CPT! Leave the US once OPT ends this year. If you want to study, decide what you want to do, get admitted to a public university, then return on a student visa to study. Forget CPT.
  8. About time USCIS and DoS is cracking down on duplicitous Indian petitions.
  9. Provence

    How much time will take to resolve 221g

    Advice doesn't change in two weeks since your last thread. Assuming you're an Indian national having interviewed in Hyderabad, you could be working in India where you have authorization to work.
  10. Why would you overrule a paid attorney's advice compared to a public forum's? AP lasts as long as it lasts; no amount of congressional inquiries or re-interviews would hasten an AP.
  11. SSN is for life. You have to put your SSN where asked.
  12. Provence

    H1B to B2 and again to H1B

    Applying for b2 status when you have no intention of being a tourist is a big no-no, and you'd just be clogging USCIS resources on top of their backlog. If the 60-day grace period elapses without keeping you in status, you need to leave the US to avoid accruing unlawful status. There is a presumption you could work in India where you have unlimited work authorization. Do not break US laws.
  13. A big fat NO Do not ever lie to US officials.
  14. Her i94 is independent off her visa expiration. SHe is good to return on 25th APril. And she needs to stay out of the US for a year or so before any future visits to the US, assuming she obtains another B2 visa which is by no means guaranteed. Remember, a B2 visa is for "short visits" to the US, not a 5.9 month stay.
  15. You could petition for an F2a as early as the day you enter the US on an IR5 visa. That's the day you officially become a US permanent resident. How did the elder son obtain US citizenship?
  16. Provence

    H1b Interview Question

    This is a desi-centric forum. The truth is relative in all desi-centric forums. Anything goes.. to procure a US visa.
  17. Don't any of these companies have jobs in India? I heard the Indian economy, and by extension the job market, was doing well.. according to govt statistics. As an F1 student, you're expected to complete your degree and return back home to be employed.
  18. Provence

    F2 to F1 - COS or Consular Notification

    I'd listen to the school DSO. Consular processing in an individual's home country is the preferred method to apply for and obtain a visa.
  19. Provence

    State Name Typo in LCA - H1B stamping impact

    this is a 7 year old thread
  20. Provence

    H1B Visa stamping drop box question

    Fill out the application, answer all questions truthfully. Once completed you'll be informed if you qualify for drop box. It is not a chance based process.
  21. Provence

    H1b rejected with specialty occupation reason

    Check with your employer's attorney. RFEs are an attorney's domain and they should be responding to RFEs in conjunction with your employer.
  22. Provence

    H1b visa rejected. What are my other options ?

    If you do not have viable employment options, you have to be prepared to leave the US at the end of any grace period. There should be no expectation that you have to stay in the US. If there's no work for you, exit the US.
  23. I'd listen to the Attorney.. they're paid for their counsel under these scenarios. The US uses zip code, not a pin code.
  24. Provence

    B2 visa interview

    You are not applying; your wife and daughter are. They are the applicants. Your role was limited to filing out the ds160 and/or fee payment. You would not be allowed inside the embassy complex.
  25. Provence

    H1B Amendment for remote Proejct

    Have you checked with the employer's attorneys? They would be familiar with the law and advise if an amendment is needed. Attorneys file amendments, not an employee,